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What Do You Wear For Winter?


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Bright Orange Jacket
Black hoodie
Black Scarf
Osiris Shoes

I tend to take the winter lightly, but when it's gone, I miss it.


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I am a very hot person by genetics, so I can sweat like I am in a marathon from just sitting. Which is why winter/spring/fall are my favorite seasons. I usually wear:
Jeans (tightish)
t shirt, preferably skin tight
zip up jacket
fingerless black knit gloves.
boxers, briefs are... ew
and last but not least, Fallen shoes, the best choice of satanic footwear >:3


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For me, its pretty simple.

Russian Hat
Dull green sweatshirt (Thin because i wear it year round.)
Bootcut Jeans
Various long sleeve shirts of a T shirt, tight fitted
Regualar pair of shoes


Oh, you almost got me there. I was like it's May, it's almost summer time. Then, I saw you're from Australia and when it's summer, it's winter there. For this winter, I got a woolen cap, a tight fishnet shirt, long underwear, multiple sweaters emblazoned with my favorite sports team logos on them... and winter never came.


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My winter wear consists of: blue jeans, socks/leather boots, a T-shirt, and my Carhartt coat when I'm outside.


As little as possible.

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Jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt under a sweatshirt/sweater under my northface jacket and gloves, sometimes a scarf, and a thick hat


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A short sleeved t-shirt under a long sleeved shirt, torn baggy jeans, a heavy flannel jacket that's bigger than I need, steel-toed work boots. Sometimes I wear a hoodie under my jacket because my body just gets colder now. I used to be a-ok with the cold. ><


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It just snowed awesome where I was this winter. :V
When it was cold-
Layer 1- undies tighty whiteys
Layer 2- shorts
Layer 3- pants

Layer 1- Undershirt
Layer 2- Graphic to non graphic T
Layer 3- Sweatshirt
Layer 4- (if needed) Winter coat

gloves, scarf, and sometimes boots.
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Seian Verian

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I wear... Barely any more than I wear the rest of the year, actually. Only difference is that I go with sweat pants instead of shorts and wear a jacket over my T-shirt on cold days. Really, that's it. I refuse to wear long sleeved shirts because I don't want to be too overly warm indoors


In the winter I wear a t-shirt and shorts. I enjoy wearing a comfy jacket when it gets to about 60F because my arms get cold. I only put on pants when it gets down to 20F. When I am exercising, I can stay warm at 30F in the pouring rain with 50 mph winds in just shorts and a thin shirt. (yes, I have done it before) Even when it does get below 20F, light pants work fine.
I hate the summer so much, too hot.


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You mean colder summer? Usually a sweater. On colder days, a wool jacket, maybe a scarf. If and when it rains hard, maybe put on the boots.


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This is the most mundane and boring topic ever, but to contribute I usually just wear jeans/shirt and a jacket. If it's really cold out I wear a ushanka because I fucking love that hat and it is warm.


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This amuses me, since it was 90 F where I am today, the hottest day of the year so far! :D But for winter I wear mainly fleece pants and sweaters, especially chenille sweaters. Very important to have a warm pair of waterproof boots once there starts to be slush or snow on the ground.


A Turtleneck, of course.

Then, above that, I wear a Leather Jacket, if it's just mildly cold. If it's extremely cold, then i'll instead op for my WWII-esque Greatcoat with fancy buttons.


For me, typically: Hoodie, sweatpants, socks, sneakers... \_O_O_/ I dunno...I'm the typical college "kid." :D


Clothes. :3c

If it was up to me, I'd have a different hat every day with a different scarf. I lovelovelove scarves. <3 And hats. <3


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Spring: jeans, t-shirt, maybe second shirt over that, tennis shoes

Summer: jeans, t-shirt, maybe second shirt over that, tennis shoes

Fall: jeans, t-shirt, maybe second shirt over that, tennis shoes

Winter: jeans, t-shirt, maybe second shirt over that, tennis shoes, and a jacket