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What do you wear in a heatwave?

Kellie Gator

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Just a question that popped into my mind due to the lack of experience on real heatwaves, here in Sweden I'll be lucky if temperatures go over the 25C/80F mark. I've considered a future living in a hotter area than this because I like summer and warmth but I've grown to realize my choice of clothes when it's hot is... not the best.

See, I like wearing tight clothes, maybe because I like something that shows off my figure and I'm not always fond of baggy clothes but I admit my fashion sense bites me in the ass whenever it's hot, my skin doesn't get to breathe well and my clothes get soaked. Now Imagine this scenario in like, 37C/100F or so. Eww. D:

So for y'all living in hotter places than Sweden where over 20C/70F is enough to make most of us bitch and whine, how do you cope? What do you wear when you're outside? Do you even wear anything at all?



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Nothing. Alternative answer is two layers, one tight but breatheable, the other loose and flowy and of light color. I wear grey in the heat because white reflects and hurts my eyes and is usually too sheer so i get sunburn under my clothes. Black is right out.


If I lived alone I'd gladly walk around the house naked. Clothes only provide unwanted heat in this time of the year


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I wear bondage trousers with all sorts of straps everywhere, some sort of vest or T-shirt, black elbow-length gloves and a wig because this is how I always dress and no amount of sun is gonna stop me.


You should come to Texas some time. 37C/100F+ temperatures are the norm. Last year we had over 100 straight days where it did not get below 100F even at night. It's not uncommon for us to have 115-120F days.
The thing is, there's not much you can do. Wear loose clothing, light colors and fabrics. Long sleeved shirts and light pants that breath are the best. Don't go out in the heat of the day. Mornings and evenings are best. Stay in shade as much as possible.
Avoid leather and most synthetic fabrics, tight fitting clothing and dark colors. Drink a lot of water, many smaller drinks throughout the day are better than a few large gulps, avoid sugary drinks especially energy drinks.
I was a contractor for almost a decade. Working in our summers will teach you how to deal with heat very quickly.

We had a cold front move in. Yesterday it was 97F.


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When it gets consistently over 100F like it is now, I never leave the house without my lab coat. It's long, white, and breathable: The perfect article of sun protective clothing. With a good hat, I'm sunproof. Everyone asks me if I work at the hospital, but I don't care. They're red and sweaty and I'm not.


Yeah pretty much it's a case of light colored clothing that isn't skin tight.
You also should keep the sun off of you best you can.

Thing is, heat isn't bad to me. I'm perfectly happy in a car that's 110°....
Because you sweat, and as long as there is some breeze you'll feel amazing~


Now its just ok, not hot not cold just a 19°C. When its hot like 35°C with out the humidity and now I wear a bermuda (like a shirt, but longer), a thirst and socks. I wear a hat a bit like a fisher when I go out.

So hot weather is not a problem, you live with it. Air conditioning is too expensive, beside the electricity is old here (no ground), I use a big fan to get cold air, mostly since my bedroom is close so the cats wont annoyed me.


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Damn, hearing about these crazy average temperatures in the States is making me feel glad I was born in a more mild climate. If I get dehydrated, I suffer for it because it will burn after I pee. All I can do to prevent this happening most of the time, is to flood myself with water and just make sure I don't get too hot over a long period of time. Makes me wonder how bad it could be if I lived somewhere that averaged 37C >.<


For real I skipped past OP just to answer the question. I rock as little as possible damn near any chance I get. Because I got the body for it. I just do, it ain't a pride thing, it's like, established, the way you can't just declare a bank ain't a bank no more just because it stole your house (and I stole your virginity). But heatwaves especially, I dunno I could go either way as far as briefs (if you can even call some of them that) or satin boxers overtop of those, and my preference for both is pitch black. I usually wrap my wrists and ankles in medical bandages or that shit MMA fighters and wrestlers wrap their wrists with when I can get it. Sometimes workout gloves, usually barefoot, sometimes with hair braided and temporary tribal shit painted on.

Not Even Fucking Kidding don't test me because I will.


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Too cold outside, add layers till warm.
Too hot outside, take off layers till you get arrested.
Hello, 'nother Texan here. I have a job delivering pizzas. Driving my black car. Wearing a black shirt and black pants (but sometimes blue jeans). I'm pretty much a nudist around my house, though.

Hakar Kerarmor

Chainmail and heavy leather. Duh.


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A skirt and open-top flats with a t-shirt is usually the most comfy option for me. on thhose lovely 100-106 degree F days >~>


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When the weather's under 100F, I usually wear jeans and a thin shirt. However, the temps been in the 100's with a heat index near 110, so I'm in shorts and 'tech' type shirts. My SO wears skirts and uses deodorant on the thighs to prevent chafing, works wonders apparently. It's best to take any opportunity to stay out of the sun.


Aderpable Fluffbutt
When the weather's under 100F, I usually wear jeans and a thin shirt. However, the temps been in the 100's with a heat index near 110, so I'm in shorts and 'tech' type shirts. My SO wears skirts and uses deodorant on the thighs to prevent chafing, works wonders apparently. It's best to take any opportunity to stay out of the sun.

Omg deodorant on the thighs? I SO need to try this~~


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45C for 3 days not dropping below 30C at night.

I had to wear corporate wear and a tie cause financial institution. Fuck them, we don't ever see clients or anything but we have to look like a douches because some dude from England took over the department.