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What Do You When You're Sad?


The Fruit Bat
Mmmm talk with friends, try to do something to take my mind off it. If I dont I dwell, and thats never good.


draw. as person who depresses himself to draw, i would know, lel. its probably not healthy but eh. didn't stop me


Definitely not a lizard
I cook and eat what I'm cooking. I'm a terrible cook, but I manage to have fun while doing so, and it distracts me from my sadness.

Draig Calon

Alpha Wolf/Dragon
I usually walk my dog/ play computer games with friends/ come online with you all/play music (both listening to it and playing instruments)
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real time strategist

"What's an airport, again?"
I usually play some games that are really good for getting my mind off of things (my favorites of these are AvP 2000 multiplayer co op, and doom 1 and 2)


1) Cry
2) Talk Myself Down
3) Cry into a pillow
4) Face down on a bed
5) Go outside
6) Talk to people


Yee to the haw
If I ever get sad I just go lie in bed, lying there dreaming while at the same time thinking about the sad thing that happened. Then when I am done I get over it and continue on with my life.


Green butt of reason
I snitch on FA's reminder spamming, and then watch YCH artists accumulating penalties and getting pissed off. Yeah, I'm that one guy :^)


Wallow in my own self-pity.

Or listen to an angsty song like an edgy teenager.

Or both.


Nintendork with a PC
I play something, or if it's very bad, I lay on my bed and then probably sleep. The latter works 99% of the time, but... I can't take short naps.


I try to remember that this is the exact way I wanted to be. It sounds unbelievable I know, but it's true. If you were a god and had a billion lives, at first you would play the god in your life and have every pleasure there is. But eventually you would get bored and decide to go on adventure by having a life which is not under your control, with no cheats enabled. Surely you would enjoy a such adventure and you would do it again and again. Odds are quite high you would eventually end up sitting in this chair you're sitting right now with everything being the way it is and reading this exact comment. Mindblow, isn't it?


Active Member
Either go to bed if it's during the night, or do something productive that makes me feel good (drawing, caring for stray animals, etc).
The first option is good because I often get less sleep than I should, and the second is awesome because no matter how miserable I'm feeling, I'm doing something good for someone.


I cuddle with my kitty or play with my bunny;
I sleep;
I eat something I'm craving;
I drink hot tea;
I give myself some alone time to decompress and work through what I'm feeling;
I talk to my friends/mom/boyfriend to get some perspective;

It just depends on what I'm sad about.