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What do your family and friends think of your anthro art


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He recently came out to his mom as bisexual and at the same time "as a furry". He then went ahead and showed her his art.

Turned out they're both furry and both "into" the same stuff and... Well.

I'm speechless.

Not being a furry artist, mom can't have an opinion on my non-existent furry art. She does, however, like my drawings and frequently asks me to paint something to decorate the house, most of which contains some sort of bird; one could say I make bird kitsch for mom.


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My parents compare it all to stuff like Disney animal characters and the like, and think it's kinda cool that I'm doing something creative.

That's about it, really.


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He recently came out to his mom as bisexual and at the same time "as a furry". He then went ahead and showed her his art.

Turned out they're both furry and both "into" the same stuff and... Well.


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They think it's cool that I draw. They don't even realize I draw lots of sergals and anthro

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I don't tend to do explicit art, so I show my parents my stuff all the time. They think it's good and they've seen all the anthro art I've done from around the age of seven or eight, when I got into The Lion King and stuff. My close friends just ask me for 'Disney animal' commissions.
Family doesnt know as far as I know. My friends dont care, since we once had a friend on our circle of friends that drew yiff all the time. So all my friends are kinda used to the fandom.


I had the poor fortune to meet animal-head people in the real, actual world a few times. I once walked in on someone drawing a picture of a sexy man-horse with junk. His father walked in the room and said, "that's a nice horse, you're good at drawing."

This incredibly safe for work image was created on this subject. I am sharing it with you.

Is that why you refuse my smooth advances
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They absolutely loved it until they found out about furry XD then they were worried it would distract me from college (like its ever that serious -.-) or is it :v


Dad: Draw something other than animals for once!

One friend: That's really cool!

Other friend: Wha... anthromorphic fanart? No, that's just wrong, don't do that.


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My mom could care less, my brothers hate me for it, and my dad thinks that furries are bad people.


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i told my dad about it and now he is paying half the cost of my fursuit. hay some times you get lucky right.


My parents keep asking me to draw them as gators.

Maybe they are secretly furry too?


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When I was looking at furry art on my computer, my brother saw it and said cool.

Other than that, My mom knows, dad knows but I don't care what dad feels. Mom is just glad I am happy, and I make her cookies twice a year.
I don't show anyone any of my art. Not because it's furry, but because I'm terrible at drawing and in the process of trying to improve myself. I couldn't bear people seeing the kind of stuff I churn out.


Aside from a few select pictures posted up on Facebook, I don't show my art to anyone I know in real life. A couple friends have my dA, but I never upload stuff there anymore, and none of them have my FA.
My friend Kyle found some furry sketches in my sketchbook when he was looking for more references of the cosplay we were making, (I filled one page with drawings of all the pieces we needed,) and he said, "You know, I like these other pictures in here better," in a kind of weird tone where I couldn't tell if he was making fun of me or not. o.o"


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If I showed my mom she would say, oh that's nice sweetie...you aren't going to go to those cons are you, they're full of perverts. (well...she's kinda right on that one)
My dad would probably say eh, ok, but how about drawing realistic things, blah blah. He's a very no-nonsense guy. Which is why I wouldn't show him.


All the sketches I've received stay in a binder locked away in a drawer where no living human can see them.

I don't want them looking at all my weird dongs.