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What does being a pet/owner mean to you?


*Crawls into traffic*
it's mostly harmless, done for fun and for the lulz. why do they do that at anime conventions? bc we know doing it out in the real world would be viewed as bizarre XD
but in all seriousness, the concept of the master/pet relationship is pretty interesting. sure, I call my significant otter my "little pet" but it doesn't mean we are in a master/pet relationship.

Pet has been used as a term of endearment for a while, so I'd consider that normal. And adorable.


Banana Party
Jesus, you people are freaking out over this thread like OP asked about babyfurs. This shit is tame in the fandom, come on now.

Dat over reaction. I didn't see anyone freaking out, eheh. Pretty Mellow, actually - aside maybe 1 post.


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@Batsy- I think it might have to do certain anime and manga. The idea is pretty tame in that community.


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Well, I can certainly say that if I became someone's pet, it would mean she's a pretty damn special someone. It would take some convincing not to make her MY pet, hehe...
Well, I'm glad we can all have some kind of intelligent conversation on this mixed topic D: .
@Zan'theros: It would almost seem that way, wouldn't it? I'd have to kind of agree, positions in the pet/owner thing might switch at some point xD


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ricinsbluebox said:
@Zan'theros: It would almost seem that way, wouldn't it? I'd have to kind of agree, positions in the pet/owner thing might switch at some point xD

I'd almost always take the dominant role in a bedtime situation. It just feels natural to me to be the ringleader.
But it does make my spine tingle to think about being subjugated by a fierce dragoness, hehe...
I have a feeling we're entering into a too much information stage soon xP. For me it could go either way-- I just don't like doms who creepily whisper stuff to me to try to heighten the mood. It just makes things weird and gross, but that's just how I feel I guess.


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I always thought this was some kind of dumb joke that wasn't strictly part of the fandom.

Some girl in high school asked if I could be her pet, and I said sure, jokingly, and after that, she'd bring me food every day during lunch. That was as far as it went, and I can't say I minded it. Free food is always a yes.
Free food is indeed always a yes xD. I guess I've always thought it was a regular thing a lot of people-- or at least a good handful of people-- got into in the fandom o_O. So after some thinking over it, Imma say it isn't quite as regular as I thought it was.


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I will be someone's pet if they give me free food and whatever I ask for. >:V

Huh.....so I guess every guy I dated in high school was my pet then. Whenever I dated someone I cooked them BIG breakfasts, lunches, dinners, late-night snacks, sweet treats...you name it, I cooked or baked it. At least until one of them showed up and never left.


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then why is it that when I get free food from people I feel like a queen? :V


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*reads conversations* So the secret to being a pet is just getting free food and the secret of the owner is cooking and baking xD? Gotcha xD. Welp, someone pick me up one day and I'll stick around as a pet for awhile as long as I get food too xD


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Hah! Did you forget what site you're on, Atronach? In a place like FAF, it's SO much more fun to talk about acting like pets versus caring for pets.