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What does it mean to be a furry to you?


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As most of us know , the term "furry" is a very diverse word (perhaps too diverse) . People have many different meaning for it, so I want to know.. To you what does it mean to be a Furry?
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Lots and lots of shame.


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I like anthromorphic animals. I consider myself a member of the furry fandom.

Also I feel terrible because I'm associated with some of the worst people on the face of the planet due to considering myself a member of the fandom.


I like drawing talking animals.
Always loved animals from the start, and the thought of humanizing them seems cool to me.


Pretty much a combination of what Cyril and israfur said: I've liked the concept as long as I can remember, and more recently, my sanity has degraded enough for me to "officially" join the fandom. While I'm personally not in it for the, erm, stranger aspects, that's what most people would assume, meaning that most of my friends elsewhere on the 'net would pretty much barbeque me if they found out, no questions asked. -_-
To me it means to tell everyone I know that furries are the greatest people ever and furry porn is the most awesomest thing to fap to ever. I also make sure to show people at school my furry porn collection and ask them how they like it. For reason they they don't like it. What a bunch of weirdos. That was all sarcastic.




Frequent browsing of FA and SoFurry's image section............frequent posting on Furry-orientated forums. Appreciation for anthropomorphic artwork, watching ''Furry videos'' on YouTube. And last of all, getting needlessly pissed off at thread posts.


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To me, it means abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

I just like anthro's. Enough with the labels :V
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It's a fun hobby. I also like to draw anthro animals; I think they're pretty cool.

Hmm...We need to get you a new hobby. Arson counts as a hobby, right?

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To put it as simply as possible:

I love anthromorphic animals, costuming, literary creativity, and artwork. This is the all-in-one thing for me.

Really, Furries don't have any spiritual connection to their fursona or anything. There is no philosophical answer to this question so don't expect one!

Edit: It's spelled "Diverse" not "divers"

Divers are people who go swimming underwater.
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Fan of anthropomorphism. Nuff said. I might refer to my fursona in the first person now and then, but other than that, just a fan.


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Oh god no you did not just double post YOU DID NOT D:

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What does it mean that I'm a furry?
Not much, apart that I waste hours daily in faf and FA mainsite.
Also it's fun to have something to hide from others, since some people immediately label you dogfucker if they find out :V