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What does the future look like in your thoughts?

Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
One might say anyway that 'flying cars' have already existed since the 1980's-

just...they really take advantage of the fact that they're mobile death-traps.
I read about those at work. Civilians were killed in strikes by those in Artsakh. That is one application of the technology I'm not looking forward to.


Everyone using auto-driving cars, robots that are near replicas of humans, bunch of hologram displays and stuff

too sci-fi ish maybe?

the sleepiest kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
Domes over civillizations due to pollution and other atmopsheric issues.


Imma bat in yer rafters
- We do away with our destructive capitalist industry practice and successfully stop or minimize climate change
- Most transportation is replaced by far more efficient public forms like buses and trains
- Moon bases are created for far more efficient space travel
- Agriculture becomes a far less wasteful with land and production by moving it to indoor, layered facilities that produce based on the need of people instead of the market

- Complete collapse of nations and climate stability which makes dreaming of any cool future tech pointless tbh


Same shit different day.

This ain't a scifi story, I don't think life will ever be so different such as it is, personally.


As long as you actually believe that, I agree 100%. <wink>

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
My view of the future actually just improved pretty significantly, as I found out that they actually did develop solar panels that don't require rare earth metals.

.....almost a year ago, allegedly, at a university in South Korea. Apparently bronze and brass are the main components and the main efficiency problem is in the heating and cooling process.

Regardless of whether this tech spreads outside Asia, this is good because it goes a ways towards solving one of the largest problems I had with going all-solar (or all-renewable in general, really). I knew relying on rare minerals wasn't going to result in nearly enough availability and I REALLY wanted to see an alternative happen. I doubt we'll be able to go "no power lines, anywhere" (we might still leave some perches for birds, but they won't need to be so close to the road that drunkards' vehicles can hug them) in any of our lifetimes but that's actually a far-future thing I see happening.

Orange Olive

Active Member
well we just made the lesser spotted catshark extinct in scotland which was once proficised as the first sign of the apocalypse so that's fun.


mane diva
I don't belive in a future that is a golden age or total distopia. We'll probably see an ongoing series of social, economic and cultural conflicts going on over the next few decades, just like a simmering pot of stew with volatile bubbles pooping now and then. People will get more leery of new developments further heating the pot. It'll be basicly the same shit as we see today going on for decades and centuries to come, with people beeing unable to learn from their mistakes or grow past them.

However there won't be bigger conflicts like a World War, but many regional quarrels. And by time many of todays nations will split into smaller counties as people aspire more towards autonomie. It may be like a new period of Neo-Tribalism. With todays superpowers getting to reduced into irrelevance, beeing unable to cohere the many different interests and ideologies of their citizens. People will generally be less progressive and open minded falling back into superstion and illiteracy with only a few sophisticated people keeping the show running. Technological advancement will slow down and plateau once again since people get more scaptical of new technologies and are less likely to accept them. The same goes for cultural and social advancement. This may go on until the shortage of recources forces people to invest more into recycling technology. Rethinking the whole infrastructure of their society. Over the next 100 to 200 years the cutural focal point may shift more to the pacific region with Australia and eastern countries filling the power vacuum left by the vanished superpowers. due to their inability to adapt. I also don't think that manking won't explore space in the next 1500 years, since they will be locked into ideological quarrals, not able to get it together.


Part of me is optimistic. Colonizing mars, eradicating disease, having more time for leisure activities, people living in harmony, and generally happier times.

The less optimistic side of me, however, envisions something like Idiocracy. Unfortunately, that seems to be where we're headed.