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What does your dream house look like?


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Me personally, I’d love to live in the tropics. Maybe the Bahamas or Jamaica. I love tropical areas. They’re just so beautiful to me. I wouldn’t want anything like a mansion or whatever. Too much area that I wouldn’t use and way too much money in terms of price and bills/maintenance/whatever else. Plus, you don’t really need all that extra space. Unless you want to make it a motel or something. It seems more like a flashy thing to show off than a legitimate house to live at. I’d like a nice 2 story house that’s pretty sizeable. Not too big and not too small. Maybe 4 bedrooms. A nice amount of property. Beach front, if possible. Maybe a pool, but if it’s beach front or close to a beach, I think that would be pointless. I would like to live close to a nearby town or city too. I like meeting people and exploring cool places to go. Hanging out at restaurants and clubs and going shopping and all that jazz. But not too close to the city. I’d like to be around nature as well. Of course, I’d only be able to afford a house like that if i won the lotto or something, but a man can dream. :p


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I would want a 2 story house with a basement and a 15 or so car garage. land big enough for this:


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i've always dreamed of a rooftop apartment over downtown Portland. Something small and minimalist.
i grew up in the sticks, twenty minutes from civilization in all directions. i love the trees and green and nature and all that good stuff but i'd be able to SEE that from atop my dream home. Away from the stinky farms, away from the highways and semi trucks, far from the county roads filled with tractor parades. Most importantly, FAR AWAY FROM THE POLLEN!! Allergies suck most when you're constantly surrounded by irritants with no escape. The wind sometimes carries a sniffle-starter or two through the city every now and again but they always pass. Me, i want to live in the city with the best public transportation system and the sexiest Pacific NW view. But...yanno...more height than i currently am.


mane diva
I'd like to have a nice little Cottage ,with small rustic rooms built of natual materials like wood. I'd like it to be calm and cozy. But insted in the woods I like to have it built by the sea.



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I would live in a god damn apartment. I don't need a house. :p


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I’d want a wooden house with a stone exterior, build so that each level slightly overhangs the previous one, like they used to build in the Renaissance. But it would have all the modern amenities and a few sci-fi ones (this is a dream house after all!). It’d have a small He-3 reactor in the basement. It would be on a 40 acre wooded lot with a few acres set aside for farming so I can grow most of my own food. The rest I would import from Earth or one of the many cloud cities.

That’s the sci-fi part. The whole thing would be encased in a acid-proof bubble that would float among the clouds of Venus. :D It’d have independant propulsion and could dock with a cloud city but mostly I’d be out freely floating all my myself & staying in touch online.


A tree house obviously, preferably with a view of the beach :)


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Something small, rustic, and secluded like this:


Eeriee the Wendigo
Small cabin in the woods up north. Maybe somewhere closer to the coast, so I can eat lots of seafood. Would love a tiny home that can double as a trailer so I can travel. I hate being tied to one place.


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A small home and property on the plains where I can enjoy the peace. The savings on heating and utilities I could use to fund storm chasing adventures.


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Actually, I've changed my mind.

Castle Dracula, here I come! <3

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It would be a manor house in the georgian style with simple exterior ornamentation so as the formal gardens become the focus of the exterior. The inside would be also simple, with the exception of the front stair and some greater embellishments in the formal rooms. But, the focal point of the house would be the library which would be entered in to through double doors at the far end of the front entrance. The room would be rather large with a balcony covering the back and side walls, with cast iron circular stair cases in all four corners. The ceiling would be vaulted with a dome in the middle and the widows would be rectangular on the ground floor and rounded on the balcony level . On the far end would be a wall of double height windows, with french doors that would lead out to a formal rose garden. I'm not fastidious or addicted to Grand Designs, I swear.:p


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Homes in the forest are apparently popular here!


Fundamentalist Heretic


Fundamentalist Heretic


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Something along the lines of this!

I want a big, purple, high back chair like this in front of a giant fireplace

Oh, and a pipe organ would be a requirement as well.


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