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What does your Fursona mean to you?


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Yay first thread :D

Alright gentlemen, down to business. So what does your Fursona mean to you? Is it nothing more than a cute little character you made one day out of boredom or is it something that you connect with on some special sort of level. Just asking this mainly out of curiosity.
I don't like to admit it, but I could identify as Otherkin or Therian. So I feel like my fursona is actually me, or I am her or something. Even though I hate the stupidity that is associated with therians and otherkin and I am not in denial that I am actually a human, I can't help but feel the way I do.


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Mine's basically wish-fulfilment. Better lot in life, etc.

Granted, if the setting he's from were to go to hell in a handbasket, he'd be one of the schmucks screaming and dieing in the streets, not one of the ones saving it, so it's not THAT bad.


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Solstice is really just a character I use to represent myself. I daydream a lot and have created 2 worlds a human/magical one with human characters some of which posses magic (eg witches and sorcerers) and a furry world with anthropomorphic animal characters. In both worlds I have a character who I use to represent myself, they face similar problems as me, feel the emotions that I am feeling and are representations of me and who I wish I was. In my human world Suzi is the character I use to represent myself and Solstice is pretty much a furry adaptation of her. So Solstice is really just a representation of me


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My sona is me, she's just how I represent myself. She has no personality/storyline behind her other then mine. :3


I have quite a few anthro characters who have their own distinct personalities and settings for RP, but are just more characters than anything. I tend to make up and design characters, give them personalities, then promptly set them aside to rot. :v


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It's a character I have created which is unique to me. It's not an alias, as I do not wish to be a dog person.
It's a symbol of my involvement in the fandom, and, to an extent, my personality traits.


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My fursona is a work in progress. I am incredibly technical and analytical by nature (engineer) and much less colorful and imaginative. So my fursona has taken an incredibly long time to develop. Which has actually been a good thing as it gives me a bit of mental relaxation from the all of the math and analyses when I need it most. It also forces me to be a bit more open minded and creative.

With that being said the only really developed part of my fursona is his appearance, personality, gender, and genus (No, not even a species). In fact I haven't really even named him yet. I guess this is a chacter/fursona I plan to stick with for a while so I want to develop him carefully.


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well for one it helped escape the wolfaboos

uh...also wolverines are strong and shit. I am into clawing people's faces off :)V), and a wolverine is really known for it's endurance and independence. I like those traits, plus they look like mini bears who will wreck your shit if you mess with em.

bats...well, they are pretty cool critters. being the only mammals that can really fly, holy shit unique. Plus, they fascinate me. Also I tend to have a sensitive smell and good at listening, traits bats have. and isn't flight just the oldest dream of mankind?

so uh...there.


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My fursona is me basically. She's how I reflect myself and my desires

I don't like to admit it, but I could identify as Otherkin or Therian. So I feel like my fursona is actually me, or I am her or something. Even though I hate the stupidity that is associated with therians and otherkin and I am not in denial that I am actually a human, I can't help but feel the way I do.

This essentially. I wanted to be an otherkin or therian because I feel like a wolf...bur I know Im not a wolf. Plus otherkins have all thesevother crazy things like pronoun usage that I dont agree with


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My fursona is basically just my primary anthro character. And since the fursona is often meant to be a representation of yourself, she has a lot of my own traits (heavy makeup, colourful hair, abnormally large breasts, lots of piercings, etc.). If I want to experiment with anything new when I'm drawing/painting/whatever, I most often draw her.

I also use her to represent how I feel when I draw - for example, when I drew my avatar picture, I was in a pretty good mood and wanted to express that.


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At first my 'sona was nothing more than a character I drew whenever I was bored, but then I decided to base my fursona on myself and thus we share a lot of similar qualities. In all fairness I have become attached to the character and would never dream of changing my "furry self" or selling the character, as the character is a representation of my personality


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I hesitate to call it a fursona... I also hesitate to actually call myself a furry (takes more dedication to fandom then I got)... However, I've always just made up characters when making art or roleplaying, including anthro stuff. Recently I've started to feel I should have one that represents me, the creator. Everything from making a self-obsessed self-insert to just the way Hitchcock cameos in his movies.

Since I don't have any special attachment to any specific animal I rummaged around among old ideas, and came up with some rather private cartoons when I drew myself as a pudgy old brown bear in glasses. Making my alter ego too special and sexy and awesum would have felt rather trite, so he becomes - at least on the surface - a rather average anthro bear, with some traits like me, and other shifted around juuuust a bit to create a similar effect in personality. No hybrid, nothing magical, no rare species, not especially sexy or strong. Which means I can be a background character, which is my main intent anyway.

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I don't think I "am" a wolf inside, certainly not a wolf/orca - but I use my fursona as a RP character and some of my personal quirks and characteristics are part of her own character.

For example, not liking being in a high place without something to hold on to for balance - she gets dizzy. She loves the sea, she loves playing in the waves and body-surfing and exploring. She is curious, friendly, quiet, gentle, reserved temperament - kind of an introvert, but she is no doormat. Just not very good at smalltalk or flirting.

She is also barren - for the purposes of RP, she cannot breed with those outside of her own species and has never found a mate among her own kind. Most males she has met, who are not other Ahmoua Wolves. tend to ditch her when they find out she cannot produce offspring, or an heir, for them. They may have a "fling" relationship, but then the male moves on in search of a female who will have his young.

In real life, I've chosen not to have kids, so I spent many years "alone" because all the men I met and dated wanted kids some day and (to me) that is not an area of compromise.

There are some things about my fursona that are very much "me" and others that are what I wish I could be more like.


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My fursona is a character which I have introduced into my writings, starting with my fifth novel. This character is basically me so I have no trouble portraying. I've identified with and imagined myself as a wolf for a long time, since childhood, long before I had any notion of the whole furry thing.