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What does your fursona's name mean?


Also, why did you choose it?

I chose Shenzi because I love TLK. I know it's pretty generic, but I love it and now I know I wouldn't change it for the world.

My other fursona, Audri the lioness, is named after a friend of mine I lost contact with. Audri is also something of a pun, considering my fursona's Mohawk is a blood-red auburn.

Now you go. :3


Vulpius panthera
Well Short-snout because he has.. well a short snout XD


the < to my 3

Lots of reasons, really. I'm a calico, calicos are "mottled" with colors :)

I'm also obsessed with jesters, and their garb was called "motley".

She is also a combination of my previous fursonas--that time in my life when I had four fursonas that represented different parts of me... I brought that "motley" crew together ;) So Motley is me entirely. That's also why Motley's left ear has black on the tip--all of my previous fursonas either had black fur or had black markings (white tiger).


Chex is my nickname IRL as well as online. I figured it was simple, gender neutral and representative of me. All hail the cereal~!




Little Miss Sunshine
As far as I can tell, Ahkahna is suppose to mean "Sun Child" or Child of Summer.

I did learn that a variant spelling of Ahkahna, I believe in an African dialect that I can't remember, meant Persistent.


kayko means love in some langue i forgot -giggles- so i choose that and stuck with it

Midi Bear

Midnight is the time of day my fursona became my fursona. You see, he started out as the only human in existence in a world of anthros. When he was 18, he was transformed into an anthro so he would be more accepted among his peers. Midnight is when he was transformed to show the end of his humanity and the beginning of his anthro-ness. :p


Well.....Mine was something that just came to me for some reason. And now its starting to stick outside of the fandom as well cause someone saw me sketching out my name in stencil letters ^_^;


Colouring husky
Mine is Faust/Faustus i like the name.

i searched for what it meant it kinda surpised me..

[SIZE=-1]Faust (German for "fist") or Faustus (Latin for "auspicious" or "lucky") is the protagonist of a classic German legend in which he makes a pact with the Devil.[/SIZE]


Oh Boy!
Silibus is a play on words. It originally came from .Hack//G.U. from the character "Silabus". Changing the "a" to an "i" made it sound like, Silly-bus.


The Monster Under Your Bed
i have a meaning, but have yet to find a word to contain it.


Silibus is a play on words. It originally came from .Hack//G.U. from the character "Silabus". Changing the "a" to an "i" made it sound like, Silly-bus.


Silly Catbus...



Angry Otter
It's my online name/penname/signiture for my art. Been using it for nearly a decade. It's an inupiaq word, the root of which is my middle name backwards. It seemed to fit at the time, and I'm not changing it anytime soon.


Only a Book Smart Nerd
At the time I was into squirrels, that were brown.


Uh, my fursona's full name is Garviel Arkhriam Khandra. He's known as Garvi or just G to his friends.

Garviel was a name I took from a Space Marine character, Garviel Loken, in a Warhammer book I read a little while ago. I picked it because it's an unusual name which sounds kinda cool, but I'm having my doubts about it now... it's a bit of a mouthful, but I don't know what I'd change it to.

Khandra is a corruption of Khandr, which is what my Second Life character was called for the short time that I actually used Second Life before I got bored with it. It has an Arab-sounding vibe to it which I like, even though my fursona's not Arabic. :p

His middle name is just something I made up and added a couple of weeks ago because I thought that it would be silly to create a detailed character like him and not know his middle name xD. Garviel sounds like a human name even though it's not actually real (Curiously, I did meet someone whose second name was Garvie a little while after I chose this name). My fursona's parents had been living on Earth for years, so Garviel was born and grew up on Earth, even though he's from a completely alien species. His parents thought fit to name him something from our language rather than a Vaalter name of his own species since they basically lived on this planet now, among whatever other furry species populate Earth in place of humans a few hundred years in the future. They're not natives, but the family's become at home with Earth culture and quite frankly they love it here. Now, the last name isn't really an ideal choice but I like it anyway. "Arkhriam" is actually a Vaalter name which reflects his heritage a bit, to give a flavour of what he might be called had he not been given an Earth name.
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Christopher ("Stain") Michael McGorver

I played the WoW Trail (NOTE: I did not buy the game.)at about the time I joined. I was going to be Stabbies McGorver to match the WoW name.
The root of that name was watching a zombie run around with a sword and saying the name made you want to hit yourself with a lead pipe.
Stain was a last minute add-on.
Christopher was after my uncle who helped/helps me with my math D:
Michael was after my idol :D Michael Schumacher
Oh, I started to take furryness seriously a short time ago, so I gave the last name some depth: A shortened version of a last name a mile long.
Hardt van Governor-O'riley.
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lone soldier
My true fursona's name is Ryu Bluewulf. Ryu means" to find one's self "


Teh Emo Thundah!
My fursona is named after an enemy from Metroid, the Brizgee:

Yeah, it's a snail/crab thing, but the name works for a draconian.


Inquisitor of the Radical Ordo
My real first name is Richard. Hence King Richard...hence the first part King and I'm a man so Kingman, Alphonso is a ploy of Allen my real middle name, and Highborn, is because I have an aura of nobility, and ties to German Kaisers. So my fursona's full name is Kingman Alphonso Highborn. Then I later found out Kingman is a city in Arizona...O.O...oh well :)