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What does your 'sona mean to you?


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I actually did get stated sort of with a generic, brooding "look at me im so edgy" wolf then she changed into a bunny and stayed that way for a while. I kind of abandoned the idea after a while because of how off-again, on-again I was with the idea of a fursona and turning her into a green-purple-black mess with a ridiculous name didn't help either. Soon I made my first possum who was too scene-ish to be frank and then I made a lionness. The lionnss is actually still an idea I want to keep, but not make her a fursona. She's someting I want to work on and develop. So I went back to a opossum and here I am now.
Obviously my fursona doesn't exactly look like me, but I wanted it to be based on my favored interests and as well as my dream job (programmer/game designer). I don't exactly have any kind of other 'sona any more. My Homestuck 'sona is now just an OC in a fanstory that I'm working on. I don't keep a persona any more for the simple fact that I almost changed her image and nickname every few months/year and eventually got bored when I couldn't find any use for her. So it's pretty surprising to see that I actually have something that I can represent myself with and in some fandom that I least expected.

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A fuzzy-wuzzy adorable strawman people can attack online instead of me.


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He's the embodiment of my darker side...basically myself if I took a different route in my life. Plus, he's another creative outlet to help keep myself from going absolutely bat-shit crazy.


Means nothing cause it doesn't exist. In my opinion, fursona shouldn't be created 'just because i like him/her this way'. Fursona should be extracted from you by a third party. How could I know my alter-ego if I don't know myself?

But one thing i know for sure - my fursona, if he/she will ever come to life can't be a member of Felidae family, since i despise all the cats. I can admire the perfection of their bodies, I can be impressed by their features but I'm constitutionally incapable of withstanding the way they are.
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Scar is an old character of mine from like 3 or 4 years ago. I'd rather save this for a reference, but since I have no means of making one (digitally refined cuz I hate the quality of my traditional :V) I guess I can just spout it around here.

Scar used to be a normal person, and his cat clawed him across the eye giving him his signature scar. Scar is his nickname, I'm unsure what his official name is, I suck at names. Anyway so he gets shot for unknown reasons, watches his body get dragged off and watches his funeral. He then has the idea to enter his cat and turn into a human to regain a physical form, he discovers he can turn back into a cat (but since his soul is now a part of his cat, it looks more spiritual than normal and he can't change that) and that he can turn into an anthro dragon that is still fluffy like a cat. He discovers his spiritual energy abilities, and stays undercover until he is exposed. People don't care, some treat him as a hero, and he struts around in his favorite form, the dracofeline.

Blah blah that's the jist of it. Some parts would be spoilers and other parts would be boring or can wait until the reference because it is minor and this was quick and unrefined.

In early times of having him I would imagine being him and using his powers, testing what he could do, imagining how he would do it. Sometimes I would imagine school enemies and beat the shit out of them. Eventually he became my tool to channel anger out of me, though this wasn't the main purpose or why I chose him as a fursona.

Because of my extended periods of pretending to be him, I became really attached to him. Even after a couple years of not doing anything with him, I still had a strong attachment to him, and that's why I chose him over other OCs. He used to have a pessimistic personality and would never be happy at all. I changed that to be more like me: optimistic as fuck, happy, outgoing, with just that little spark of psychotic revenge and rebellion.


I think that given the increasing Balkanization and tribalism in the USA, having an alter ego like mine might actually be a pretty good idea.

Or I could just be insane. Either way, I like it.


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Nothing really. But looking at it reminds me that I tend to be enthusiastic about minimalistic art and music.


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It means I was bored and felt obligated to make one since it gets annoying saying you don't have one because fursonas are dumb.


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My fursonas story is very long so if your not interested in my boring past just ignore this.

ok when i was younger,think about 7 or 8 years old, anyways i became obsessed with werewolves. over time i basically always looked up werewolves on the internet and i made a name and a personality, Zacharida. When i was experiencing troubles i would reach out with my mind and totally switch personalities, thusfore my zacharida personality became overpowering. so i abandoned the concept for about half a year, then i became facinated again. about this time i discovered DeviantArt and i also found out about furries. i was kinda like "okay, these are pretty neat but they didnt really spark an interest. A few months later i found out even more about furries because i encountered many stereotypes on the internet against them. of course being curious about the fandom i made my own fursona, still sticking to the werewolf theme. it was a wolf anthro w/red hair and a sharp attitude. over time i learned how all the stuff i practiced before was making me a walking stereotype so i abandoned those beliefs.
Then recently ive decided to edit my fursona further. it had changed to a kitsune but i thought that wasn't very unique. then i decided to mix the my past fursonas together into a fox/ wolf hybrid. the fox signifies my cunning intellect and wild personality, whilst the wolf signifies my love of wolves and my overall loner nature.

if you actually read this you may have wasted your time reading something you didnt like or you may have enjoyed reading about me. Anyways i thank you for taking time to read it.

Chromatic Kitty

Mine's a work in progress, but I see her as a sort of a temporary relief from everyday life; a way to dream without sleeping. She's a revised version of myself, but she's also a step along a path to another place that I hope to begin visiting someday (and visit often). She started as a wish without form many years ago, before I really knew anything about furries.


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I recently realized that the sona i'm creating is basically me when i'm at my worst. I suffer from pretty severe depression and even though i know i need to get rid of it in my real life part of me really enjoys being miserable and Arcturus is a way to keep ahold of all the shit i can feel in a way that's somewhat divorced from me, it's also quite theraputic being able to shift my negative feelings onto something else. The idea of drawing or commisioning pictures of his pain seems like a good way to release my emotions too.


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Ryan Kyojiri is basically an anthropomorphic projection of real life me. I put my real life personalities, feelings, attitude, fashion sense, and mental abnormalities (high functioning autism) into a body of an anthropomorphic wolf with bioluminescent hair. So when you're talking to me, it's basically exactly like talking to my fursona. So yeah, my fursona means quite a lot to me to be honest.
My real name starts with an R but I don't want to reveal my name, just call me Ryan.


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My fursona means alot to me in every way,I try to evolve it anytime I try too.It all started when I liked wolves, it became much closer to me where I actually got spiritually connected back in 2011 by a sunset that I took a pic of while at my lodge in Hillman, Michigan(can be viewed on my profile).And then when I say that I evolve it, I mean by getting different tattoos that represent it in different ways to make more of what my wolf would look like.As of right now my wolf in the avatar means strength,overcoming fear and overcoming everything that comes in my path!!


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It's me, but better. Something to aim for I guess. Coure I can't have a tail or scales and whatnot, but a better physique and less fear of water are good things to aim for.


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I expect there to be questions that follow this confession, but I'll say it nonetheless. Zan isn't really a 'sona, but rather, my other half.
I'm otherkin, and when I lay my head down to sleep... my consciousness crosses over to him. If I'm really worn out and sleep for, like, 10 hours, I take on Zan's form for 10 hours.


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It means I was bored and felt obligated to make one since it gets annoying saying you don't have one because fursonas are dumb.

Pretty much me, except I also think corgis are cool.

Which they are.


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I also think corgis are cool.
Which they are.
Not exactly the word I'd use to describe them. 'Cute' is more like it.
*lightly scratches DeCatt behind the ears*


My fursona, reminds me to be free, to be myself no matter what. Dunno. Moonfire is a free outgoing character with a wild rocker personality