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What dose your desktop look like

Shane McNair

Ace Pilot
Here's what I've got currently.

Arwing desktop.JPG


"An ye harm none do what ye will" -Wiccan Rede
I uhh...Can't seem to find the spoiler button...cuz my wallpaper is MAJOR nsfw...so uhh...if anyone can help me make a spoiler that would be great...


It's the top of my desk. Does that still count? Other than that I've just run mobile.


  • IMG_8172.JPG
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I dont use just one pc so I have included the desktop for the three main computers I use


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Hey, you play the sims! (Or do you *Dun Dun Dun*?) I love that game, I started with The Sims 3, but I can't get it to work with my computer without re-buying it, so I just play the sims 4. They are both awsome!
lol yea i do! :D Sims is fun. I have a house with a pool around it. XD
and they're all vampires

Augmented Husky

Mind currently uploaded

Matched to my RGB mouse, keyboard and desk all in a slight ice blue hue