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What drew you to the Fandom?


Havnt seen this question asked so I thought I would ask it.

What Drew you to the Furry Fandom?


For myself I have more or less always been a Furry, but I simply didn't know their was a fandom/name for it and I unfortunately fell for the media/popular misconceptions at first until I had the time to research into the fandom for myself.

I found the Misconceptions to be 99+% BS, and found the fandom to in reality be a group of fellow dreamers, creators, artists, and just all around good constructive people, very few are like that these days and personally I have for a long while found that to be not only sad, but also somewhat frightening to be blunt.

one main differance about the fandom that stood out to me was how the majority of furries are not just fans but creators, as well as fans of each others (& thier own) work, this to me was a major positive and rare trait.

Though I am quite new and in spite of the negative misconceptions, I am proud to be a member of this fandom.


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A guy I know (who used to post on these forums, actually) showed me some animations made by a furry dude.
I ended up googling them and I found out that furries are really goddamn strange. I got curious, I suppose. These forums were actually my first ever furry site, because I hovered so much before actually bothering to register. Mind you, I'm glad I decided to hover here and not anywhere else. I could've ended up being really weird.

And so, in 2013 DrDingo joined the forums with a disgusting self-made avatar and a whole load of naivety.


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The art of course, byut mainly the fursona aspect of it. Making an animal character to represent yourself is such an awesome idea.


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I believe I have responded to at least two threads asking a similar question.
In short, Star Fox.


My obsession of Khajiit brought me here; an obsession in a couple of ways.
You guys kept me here. Being a part of this community here has slowly developed me into even more of a furfag. :0

Should I be dead serious about this?
If you don't say it, it's implied anyway. ☺
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OK cliche beginning. I always liked the animal characters in cartoons. But I didn't really get into the fandom until I was a hormone driven teenager. So puberty is to blame for why I am here today lol.


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Cosplay was my fist introduction to furry's I never understood the divide between the two fandoms as I did,and still do see it as basically the same thing people having fun dressing up and celebrating something they love. (It really didn't make seance to be coming from a community of people who were them self's the underdogs at the time to treat someone else's passion as something inherently sick or twisted)

though I suppose even before then I always love any kind of monsters and transformation some of my favorite anime episodes back then was when characters became anthropomorphic for a episode. and to this day I'm still a huge monster buff.
Friend on Xbox shown me some furry art , liked it , never actually got involved with the fandom besides making a fursona till recently , made some other furry friends and joined up here after several weeks of lurking


A long series of accidents I suppose....

I think I can put most of the blame on early 90s cartoons and mid 90s video games.
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Art Vulpine

Art Vulpine
I like fantasy art and stories ever since I was a kid and cartoons as well. Before I heard of FA or DA, I went onto Furnation and began to see these intersting creatures called furries. It wasn't long after that I realized that there was a fandom involved with these creatures so that's what attracted me.

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Feeling Loki with it.
The forum's reputation.


the concept of anthro characters being a "fandom" had never occurred to me; it was no different than any other kind of character for me, except that when i was younger, i preferred to draw that type, myself. i think the idea that it IS a fandom is what drew me to it, out of sheer curiosity over how a seemingly irrelevant aspect of character design could spawn some sort of community. "is it really a big deal?" then of course, when i found out this was a thing tied to some costume-wearing community of autistic dogfuckers, i was all turned off and "ew i don't wanna be one of THOSE" and stopped drawing animal people because i was a little twerp. then i somehow stumbled upon a certain website and realized i had been quite full of poo (despite the actual number of costume-wearing autistic dogfuckers). so i stopped that and went back to doing whatever i liked. so now sometimes i post here, even though anthro stuff is only part (and a relatively small part) of what i do. i'm not sure if i'd be considered part of the fandom or not.


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I had a dream that I was a dragon and my dragon mate told me I had a greater purpose in life, so I joined the fandom and constantly work towards that purpose by sitting on on my ass all day and browsing art.

This is a totally serious answer, too.

Though honestly, nothing really drew me in. It just sorta happened.


The endless drama. I don't have enough of it in my own life, so I gotta get it from somewhere! I live vicariously through the fandom.


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I suppose it was that I liked to write stories and the concept of having a human/other animal hybrid never occurred to me in a serious story so it immediately caught my attention as soon as i found out about it. After that the multitude of interesting people has kept me here.


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The fact I had previously drawn furries and had furry characters before I knew furry was a thing or that there was a group of people who were into this.


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Mnn, various things, but mostly a desire to connect with people.

I always liked furry characters growing up. I had kind of a crush on Gadget as a kid. Some of my first friends on the internet drew furries, and I started to learn that "being a furry" was a thing. I also tended to play as furries a lot in roleplays with friends (particularly females ones, heh). But for a really long time, I never felt like I needed to be part of a community. I thought of it as just something I liked, and not necessarily a part of my person that I wanted to interact with other people with. Also, well, I always had trouble thinking of just what kind of fursona suited me.

But last year, after thinking it over, I finally decided "You know, I want to get to know some furries." So I've gradually been getting into the fandom more. I've still never been to a con, and honestly I think I'd be ultra nervous if I did. But I did once go to a furry doujin market called Fur-st, and that was an interesting experience.
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