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What DVD cover artwork made you feel scared as a child?.


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I have a few examples

Cujo by Steven King.

Childs play three.

The dying breed.

The first child's play film.

Final destination 5 (the cover with the cracked glass and creepy hollow eyed face)

Some kind of movie dvd cover art
with a creepy woman's face superimposed over white trees.

House of wax 2004


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I don't know the title, but it showed a bunch of people falling into some alien-looking hell mouth.

I coulda sworn it was a Hellraiser movie, but I just confirmed that it's not. Hellraiser covers are scary in their own way, though they never bothered me personally.


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Growing up the local video rental store kept their horror movies in the front, so they were always the first thing you would see as you came through the door. I hated it and would bolt straight past it as fast as my mother would let me.

I remember the Chucky movies being the worst, probably because they were always stocked at just my height. It was like the owners had it out for me.


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I always liked sneaking into the horror aisle of a Hollywood Video whenever I wandered off from my parents, and The Ice Cream Man is one that always stuck with me. The blood and the eyeballs... it's just so gruesome.


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Amityville and any
DVDs were not a thing when I was a kid - it was all VHS and some Betamax. And sometimes we'd get old film reels from the library to play on the projector. That was fun.
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Faces of Death


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Growing up it was VHS. But I never was scared of illustrations on the boxes. I grew up around a lot of artist so I seen people draw these or how the gore make up was done so I found them interesting. I also got to see up close the animatronic and puppets that were for films. So I never was scared of poster, covers, or movies because I knew how people made them.