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What fictional areas would you live in?


Off the bench
Have you even liked a place in a game, movie or show so much you wished you lived there? Let me hear your answers. U want to give a short summary of why you chose that area or what you'd do there, say so. It can be heart felt or not but most importantly... HAVE FUN


Off the bench
To start things off, my heart will always be in Spyro three. I'd want to live in Sheila's Alps or the lost fleet


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Planet Funkotron, the land of Toejam and Earl. Very colorful, crazy, diverse, music and dance friendly.

If I could, I'd funk my place up with all of Funkopotamus' funk!



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That island in the first Crysis game, but without the military occupation and some invisible suit dude coming to kill me.


The city of Orth. I wanna explore the great abyss and find cool stuff, don't care about the curse of each layer, might even set a camp in the goblet of giants and live there (if I ever make it that far)


But officer, I said "In Minecraft."
The small towns in the post apocalyptic Mojave are kind of my speed. Can't decide between Novac and Goodsprings though.
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Probably the kalos region from pokemon
There are so many more interesting places, but honestly I would probably get myself killed to fast to really enjoy it.

(Yes I know this place isn't much better, but hey there is at least a viable defense mechanism)

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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i want to live in the Minecraft universe.

that seems like a comfortable place to live.


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Mossflower Woods. Redwall abbey to be more specific. All that glorious food!!
Well there is a lot of interesting places, Earth wise, Overwatch Earth is not half bad. Peaceful, near equality and meritocratic and science is normal while religion seem all bu gone.