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what furry are you ? * points*

what kind of furry are you ?

  • Wolf, yesa they rock!

    Votes: 307 23.8%
  • Deers, Woooooo!!!

    Votes: 13 1.0%
  • Tigers, Awsome

    Votes: 60 4.7%
  • koalas, cuuuuteeee!!

    Votes: 2 0.2%
  • others, yes others are nice

    Votes: 907 70.4%

  • Total voters
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Baby Giraffe

C4 Bunneh!
I'm a dragon cuz dragons are the best...DUH. Not the three story high ones; their illogical.


New Member
I'm a blue-spotted White Lion. Yay! :p


Restless and lonely Dragon
Dragon ^^


*damn, i forgot, what i wanted to say... -.-*


Fat Hippo
Hippo! :D


Green Furry

Chuckles, "Hippo, or Hippotaur? I must say, I've seen wolftaurs, cattaurs, foxtaurs, even an ottaur (no, I'm not making that up), even heard of an elphantaur, but never a hippotaur."

"Oh, as for me, leopard-fisher. Considering changing it to a leopard-tayra, but prolly won't."


I'm teh Urban Wolf, protector of innocents in the limitless Millennium city.
at least i will be when it comes out.


New Member
deer tigers and kolalas?

This poll might have been more accurate if it had been somethign like "canines, felines, lupines or equines"

also im a roo


is actually a rabbit...
I'm a rabbit! Grrr... how can people forget about us in things like polls and species tags on FA!? I mean, there are only 100 of us to every other species on the planet.


They call me. . .Bad MediCyn
Fursona - A loud, hyper, orange cat who dyes her fur different colors with a penchant for chubby foxes, cats *any kind*, and raccoons. . .who aren't athletic.

Not big on the macho men/animals folks! :]

That's probably why Garfield is perfection, lol! :]


The Silly Little Dragon
ima silly little dwaggin! just lookie mah avatar and sig!


well i like rabbits only but i am not a furry you can call me mr rabbit if you want

ps just forget my name really


Beautiful Jerk
I'm a Grey Wolf simply because I feel many connections with this animal.

Yep. Connections.
In my pants.

Nah, I'm totally a cat. Kitty kitty. Meow.


New Member
rottie. they have a personality that i've always liked- strong, friendly and protective. besides, i've always felt a little, uh, small. ^^'


Fat Jesus!
One Koala.

That is awesome. German Shepherd, here. I'm an attack dog!


Master of Hybrids
Well I'm a Liger. LIGER. Although some mistake me for a tiger at times. Oh well that's what I get for being something rarely seen. Usuaully people see the stripes and go "Tiger!" never mind the color scheme is diffrent or I'm not COVERED in them. But hey. I like being at least somewhat original. Woot!
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