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what furry are you ? * points*

what kind of furry are you ?

  • Wolf, yesa they rock!

    Votes: 307 23.8%
  • Deers, Woooooo!!!

    Votes: 13 1.0%
  • Tigers, Awsome

    Votes: 60 4.7%
  • koalas, cuuuuteeee!!

    Votes: 2 0.2%
  • others, yes others are nice

    Votes: 907 70.4%

  • Total voters
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Herr Doctor
I'd have to go with a gecko, they're pretty much ninjas.

Though, I'll probably change my mind in half an hour or so.


International rabbit of doom
I is just a rabbit... heh well maybe not "just" a rabbit! ^^ I feel like I should be a rabbit. Timid and cute. And... I like having long ears hehe


Cheetah / Whitewolf
Cheetah. And white wolf. Also hybrid anywhere between the two depending upon mood and situation. Always keep the cheetah tear-lines and eyes though ;)

Brief stint as a black-maned lion, though still unsure how that slipped in there :D



Cat with Midnight - Black Fur.
I love the way they can just appear out of nowhere.

Ecs Wolfie

Hiding the fact he's a husky

You gotta love the curly tails, Makes our asses look good. X3


The Iron Maiden Loving Wolf
I am a wolf Because The concept Of "lone wolf" fits me perfectly.


Green Furry
I'm a rabbit! Grrr... how can people forget about us in things like polls and species tags on FA!? I mean, there are only 100 of us to every other species on the planet.

...and growing?


the one that bites
i like you avatar javarod what chemical is it?

Papi the Fox

The resident Nuyorican Fox
Red Fox. Changed the color scheme a bit though. I just really like 'em I guess. The sly, slick thing just works for me, heh. =^.^=


The Silent Hunter...
Grey Coyote

cause Coyotes are strangely awesome, and Wile E was a childhood hero of mine :) Damn roadrunners >_>


I is a White Tiger and proud of it! :D:twisted:


↓My current mood↓
Why is a poll that gives so few specific options stickied? Is knowing the percentage of people who think they are koalas really that important, even for forum standards? Of all the topics that could be sticky...

I think it's the topic that got the thread stickied, not the poll. I agree that the poll is rather limited, though. I think it would've been better if they had used general classes (canine, feline, marsupial, reptile, hybrid, etc.) instead of being so specific with certain species.

As for me, I'm a red fox/raccoon hybrid, probably more commonly known as a foxcoon.


The ferret overlord
Domestic ferret, my fursona takes after my therian side =)


JD the shapeshifter mage
im a shapeshifting fallen archangel, my wings were cliped, then burned of with hell fire by one of the god, dont know wich, now when i show my wings, all there is is 2 burnt, bloody, stumps
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