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what furry are you ? * points*

what kind of furry are you ?

  • Wolf, yesa they rock!

    Votes: 307 23.8%
  • Deers, Woooooo!!!

    Votes: 13 1.0%
  • Tigers, Awsome

    Votes: 60 4.7%
  • koalas, cuuuuteeee!!

    Votes: 2 0.2%
  • others, yes others are nice

    Votes: 907 70.4%

  • Total voters
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SPADS Commander
Well, I just created a White Tiger forusan and I have a Bull alter ego, does that count?


rhinovirus that has a symbiotic relationship with certain algae.


Sporadic Thoughts Ensue
I'm one of those furries who doesn't have a fursona. I just really like the art and whatnot; I don't associate myself with any particular creature, although I think it's a pretty neat idea.


Legitiums Divinus Equitas
White tiger here ^_^ Thought I was panther for a LONG time until I saw pics of white tigers. Instantly knew that was me ^^


Wow I'm starting to already change. My name(as silly as it sounds) is the name of an old Indian (Native-American) tribe of the midwest. I still believe I'm a fox, but more of a native-american type fox. My great-great grandfather was a full-blooded Indian so I know I have some of that in me. One of the coolest Indian rituals I saw were 4 chiefs who represent the 4 winds. One was named Mateyu, who wore a fox skin on his head, and was known as the medicine man of his people. So now I'm leaning more towards that. I know that might sound weird, but I think it's freakin' awesome.


thinks Jesus was a comedian.
Ah yes, good old Anthromorphic Pornography. I won’t really be contributing much, since I don’t draw (or sculpt) worth beans unless it’s abstract. I mean, I made a diorama-thing out of spray-paint, cardboard, and Christmas tree-lights in one night that is freaking awesome (Google MirrorMask for where I got my Inspiration) . But draw realistic pictures of things (even myself?) ? Nope. But I do manage to make rather good comics (my sarcasm distracts people from my poor drawing skills) . I also produce functioning Robots or Robotic sculptures out of cardboard and hot glue. Of course, they don’t stay like that for too long, since I always need the parts for something else. And yes, they work. My current project is to develop a learning insect AI for one of my robots, as well as produce a fully functional walking chassis. If any of ya’ll have questions, I can teach ya’ll, because it isn’t really that hard. As for programming…. That’s another matter.

My Persona here is basically just me having escaped from my Physical Prison and into where I wish I could be. I’m not any more magical than I am now. I still listen to music no one has heard of, and do things no one has heard of. I wear clothes that aren’t from Abercromby and Frinch or whatever the hell it is. While I’m checked off as a canine genetic makeup, I am specifically dark-grey Lupine, slightly on the skinny side. And no, I’m not African. Though I do know more about African/ Swahili culture than any American does. I even listen to African music! And I wear my favorite hat, If any of ya’ll have ever heard of the OMG hat. I don’t really have any telekinetic powers or anything. I do get Precognitive Dreams. Though I rarely remember them unless I was Outside when I had them. But so far, all of them have been Nightmares and all of them have been true. Yep. I told you, I don’t lie. I never dreamt about the Twin Towers or anything, but still. On top of that, I don’t Dream. I simply have Nightmares. Which makes me naturally desensitized. Ha Ha. You have to be, in high school, since you get Death threats at least 20 times a day. Nothing that they could come up with would scare them as witless as what I could…

- Finis


Waiting to get thin again
Do I have to choose one?


Cantankerous Badger Dude
This shouldn't be a poll. If it were to be a poll, you should at least actually research the most common fur breeds to put outside the 'other' category rather than arbitrarily picking random animals.

That said, badger.


Cantankerous Badger Dude
I wonder what a hippie badger looks like?

A badger with longer fur on the top of its head and a tie-die T-shirt with a cheesy animal picture silkscreened on? XD Possibly listening to some really old music?
A barbary lion. I've always been appreciative of them, their strength, prowess, grace, elegance, beauty, masterfulness... and pride, of course.

It's like having your cake and eating it, too... which isn't a lie of course.

Being the only social cat really makes them stand out.
Ima ferret! Even though I haven't really developed my real fursona all that much >.> Airborne_Piggy is just a nickname I like to use.


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Where is the "Scaled" option!? :confused:
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