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what furry things do you have?


You can call me Oni~
Ears and a tail that I made xD I only wore them for Halloween, though.


Dack Remus Applewold
So now I have;
A tail (relatively new!), a head, two Feetpaws, a handpaw (new!) a keyfob, Disney Infinity 3.0 Nick Wilde, a Nick Wilde Emoji-style plushie, a Zootopia poster, Zootopia Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, a small ceramic fox (supposed to be a garden marker, but I removed the stake), a plush fox, fnaf blind bag Mangle head (it counts because it's a fox), a Totoro plushie (found it in a parking lot), a holiday Red panda plushie (that I thought was a fox), armsleeves, a badge, artwork (one door decker, one commissioned piece of essentially Duke Nukem if he were a fox anthro.... And also a colonial marine for some reason)

Certifiably furry


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Oh i forgot! Does the dead look in my eyes count?


Woof? Woof
Oh i forgot! Does the dead look in my eyes count?
Only if you glue them to a fursuit or Photoshop them into some art. :p


Woof? Woof
^ Just kidding with ya mate. :p

Love the video btw.


New Member
Just got my first tail and ears set for my Fursona and I've just commissioned a partial :3 eeeeeeeeeep!