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What game are you currently playing?


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I'm replaying Skyrim, which I kind of broke because I put too many mods on. I'm also playing the Witcher 3, Don't Starve Toogether, and TERA Online.


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Fucking Osu!

And alot of team fortress 2
You should probably get your account to the real age you are, as it says you are 16 currently.

I would still say they are old school as it doesn't really matter how famous they were, just what they did, and after all, system shock was not that well known, yet considered a classic, and inspired a shit ton of games. And space invaders was very popular and inspired a whole genre.
Yeah, and with Space Invaders I was playing it on the huge games machines in arcades on the pier! This proves how little I play = I have two boxed never-used Gameboy Colors, haha!


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Just trying to 100% Resident Evil 7. Will probably move on to Sniper Elite 4 after.


I don't play any. Think I'm in the minority?! I put it down to my job - I am in Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign ALLLL day, almost every day. I love Illustrator and PhotoShop and to me they are games! Ok if I ever do play it's old school - Space Invaders, Tetris even. Two I was hooked on at one point. Call me weird - I don't mind!
Youre not weird youre like me ^^
Almost... dont play much retro games,
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Literally just finished Night in the Woods. Not sure what I was expecting, but wow! Great game.
Gregg and Angus are now my OTP.

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Ori and the Blind Forest, Transistor and Batman Arkham Knight


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Rn im playing Crush Crush as a time waster between commissions
And Fire Emblem Warriors when I know I have time to actually play it since you kinda havta sit down to enjoy it imo . C:


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The re-release of L.A. Noire.


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Hexcells. Mostly infinite right now. Makes you think, but not too much. Wonderful ambience that seems to encourage slowing down and looking a little closer at things.


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Kingdom Hearts
Because I have nothing else to do.


Played a few hours of F2P-weekend "Endless Space 2," kinda similar reasoning as SveltColt. So far, my impression was 'Civ, in outer space,' but in a lot of ways, that's great. It's an extraordinarily well-produced title, really striking graphic design and sonics, it's all quiet overt. Cool. I'm pretty out-of-it, this is not even a particularly large franchise.

I guess I'm going to make another run at DARK SOULS soon, just to force myself to look beyond the surface. I approached the game at the recommendation of someone whose taste is generally excellent but found it thematically troublesome that the base premise was that you're the undead grinding your way through some sordid undead world. It turns out there may have been more going on there, so I should really try to give the thing a fair shot (and maybe grow back a few atrophy-rusted twitch reflexes, I suppose)
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Currently it is Horiton Zero Dawn, Story of Seasons (Trio of Towns) and Pokémon Ultra Moon

Oh yeah, and Fate/Grand Order too, if mobile games count.