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What game got you started?


Lets see, for me it was the nintendo but i don't quite remember which games, most likely Super Mario Bros. 3.


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i would hafta say either battlefield 1942 for the pc when i was like 7 or 8 or the original sly cooper for the ps2 8)
Well, I started playing video games with Duck Hunt, FFI (XP Final Fantasy One just sounds so silly to me now...), and the original Mario. All on our old nintendo. XD
I think I really got into videogames with pokemon though--I really enjoyed playing it and it made me wanna see what else was out there for myself. ^.^


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the Mario games on NES and the old Sonic games (I played Sonics 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles to death. I've pretty much memorized all the levels and stuff)


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gex the geko, even though the first one I ever played was the lion king

Ty Vulpine

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I first started playing video games back in the Atari 2600 age, so really don't remember which game got me hooked.
Megaman X on ..... SNES? I loved that game to death, I hav eit on my comp now ^_^. Later got into mario and sonic, and shining force, at age 7 or so I was playing strategy games and doing well >.< I'm such a nerd.


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Err.. I actually got hooked by Crazy Taxi ^^; ahehe...

That game probably stole about 4 months worth of my childhood... then came Ratchet and Clank

I am surely addicted to that if any other ^_^nn


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Legend of Zelda was the first game I ever played. Love it to this day


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The Donkey Kong series on SNES, closely followed by Tetris Attack (which I can still pwn anyone at:wink:)


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Has to be Commander Keen.

I had a NES with Super Mario Bros as well, but I think my parents played it more than I ever did...

(Also, necromancy. LOL)


The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time did it for me. I had played old games on my Snes, but I didn't get into video games untill OoT.


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Oh man, I've been addicted to video games since I was like, 3 or 4.
Cause I don't think I started school yet.
But I remember my cousin had a SNES, and I always wanted to play it SO badly.
But every time I ever got my hands on a game I'd play it till I was forced to let go.
When I got my first SNES My parents had to lock me in my room or I'd be up at 6am playing games lol.
My first game though, I think was Super mario.
And around that time we got our first computer, which was a DOS.
So it had no mouse or anything, and I used to play Kings quest.
I remember having to type commands lol. "open gate" "pick up egg".
Then it was Duke Nukem 3D, on a slightly better computer with windows.
The next BIG one that is one of the most memorable to me is playing Command and Conquer.
There were A LOT more lol, but to name the ones most memorable to me in the beginning.


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My first game was the original Mario Brothers games for the NES. Perhaps you have heard of it? I am not joking when I say I learned how to manipulate the controls before I was even walking. Now thats dedication!

My sister left the console on when she went to school and I crawled on up to it. I slammed my little fist onto the A button, looked up at the screen in time to see Mario fall back down. I repeated this several times and eventually figured out how to move and play. I distinctly recall it being world 1-4, although my mother says it was world 1-1 I was playing. >_>


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The first game I played was Mario Brothers...but the game that really got me into gaming in the first place was Casino Kid...never introduce a 3-5 year old to a gambling system xD.


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The games that got me started were;
Mario Bros 3. I freakin love that game, even to this day.

The Legend of Zelda. I so freakin love that game, but as a little kid I was never able to beet it, I finally completed it at the age of 18

Duck Hunt. If you do not know that game, then you should not be playing video games.

The Adventures of Link. The sequal to the Legend of Zelda, it was more rpg then the other game but it was still awesome.

Kirby you have got to play this game if you have not played it. it's so awesome and just cute. All the power ups that you can use are kinda cool and imaginative. Tip: dont swallow sleeping monsters.


Crash Bandicoot(sp? it's been a long time =/) on the original PS, and then SSB on the N64.....god that was a while back


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The first game I ever owned and loved was Andre Agassi tennis on the Sega Genesis.

But I think what really got me hooked, many many years later, was Counter-Strike 1.6.


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When i was about five my Uncle took me to his Uni dorm and let me play Doom on his PC. It was the first time i ever played a Video Game and even though it gave me nightmares for about a week. It was the main reason that i bugged my parents to get me a SNES (my first Console).