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What games are you looking forward to in 2015?


I really hope persona 5 is gonna be good.
The thing i want most about the series is for the main protagonist you play as to actually have a character to him/her.
In persona4 you were a silent protagonist and made you the weakest link in the group of friends with great character building.
Also, i felt that certain relationships should effect the game's story and characters.
For example:

Say in persona 4 you manage to go out with yukiko before the camp out. When chie and yukiko get dragged out in the bikinis and you say that chie looks cute, yukiko would get jealous of yukiko and slightly mad at you and might effect the game more later on. say for example you keep getting her angrier, she might Break up with you, your link breaks and she might leave the party, potentially leaving you for dead in a certain event.

That'd definitely be neat! I think they make the main character sorta a clean slate though so it's more like your own 'persona' in a sense. xD I'm actually not too familiar with P4, I only made it a bit into it before getting owned a ton, though I watched my brother play certain parts of it. ^^ P3 I played to death however. :p

But woah, that'd be wicked if they added a path where you're more or less on a dead-end route over a certain way you'd answer. Visual novel style, mwaha!


I'm really looking forward to the new Star Fox and Legend of Zelda on the WiiU
Those are about the only games I know of that are coming out this year =o


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But Persona has always had silent protagonists as far as I'm aware. The P3 protagonist didn't get a personality until the movie came out. The great thing about silent protagonists is that their actions define them. What you do as a player defines who they are.
FNAF is just a boring jumpscare simulator. Scott has been milking it for all it's worth. It's becoming the Call of Duty of horror games. The game everyone hates but will still buy every installment.
Its not just a jumpscare game. There's lore to it and it takes advantage of the human fear of a lack of control and uses paranoia to help make jumpscares scarier.
Persona 5, I haven't been this excited about a new release in awhile. ^^ Zero Escape 3 was also on my waitin' list, but sadly cause of budget problems it's on hold. D:
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I'm interested in No Man's Sky, Killing Floor 2, Pillars of Eternity, and I would be interested in Halo 5, but seeing as I don't have a Xbox One i'm not going to play it. Also I do hope that Microsoft will maybe release all of the Halo games on PC. Oh yeah i'm excited for Bethesda's E3 press conference in the hopes that they maybe might announce the next Fallout game seeing as I love the Fallout Series.


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I'm personally looking out for Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, Blizzard's new Overwatch. I'm still looking for more games to add to this list.
Elder scrolls online being released for consoles , and evolve , yes I know its out now but I'm still looking forward to getting it


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Looking forward to fire emblem 2015. it's coming out in Japan on summer 2015. So hopefully the localization won't take as long this time and they release the north American version by fall.


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I just bought the only game I'm excited for in 2015 <: Majora's Mask remake. Fuck yea!
Right now I'm only really looking forward to Persona 5, and the new Zelda (if it does end up releasing this year).

I'd also say Star Fox, but I'm extremely worried about hat game, and honestly, I have a bad feeling about it, so I don't know. Just not really looking forward to it because of that.

As for other games, well, I'm looking forward to picking up some games I missed out on last year and these last two years, but those aren't exactly 2015 games, so yeah. Just putting that out there.


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Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD
Zelda Wii U
Star Fox Wii U
Kingdom Hearts 3
Half-Life 3... oh wait.