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What got you into the furry fandom?


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I really had no idea what furries were back then, I thought they just really liked animals. Then a friend of mine posted this video, I think on Tumblr:


I watched it and, naturally, died from the cuteness. I started watching more fursuit videos that night, and decided I wanted to be a furry. Sooooo I made an account on FA, and it all went uphill from there.


I don't really remember. But I think it started with me just liking the art. Then it just kind of went from there.


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I guess I've always been a furry. I just didn't actually come to know the actual term "furry" until I started using DA about 4 and a half years ago. I still didn't really call myself a furry because I wasn't part of the fandom. Last January, I started talking with a friend of mine about the fandom. He really debunked a lot of the stereotypes of the fandom, and got me interested again. And, now I'm proud to say I'm a furry ^^


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What got me into the fandom was the Tumblr dragons. ... They share art hella fast and got me into the artwork. I ended up making furaffinity and Deviantart accounts just so I could follow the artists easier.


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Anything fantasy related i've always loved since i was very very young. Especially things like dragons and shape-shifting. About 5 years ago when I finally got the internet since I needed it for college. I found deviant art and started searching for the usual fantasy stuff. I came across an anthro image. I browsed the comments and I remember someone saying something along the lines of: "I love furries they create such amazing anthro art". I was confused, i didn't know what "anthro" or "furry" was at the time. So I Googled around what they were out of curiosity and i slowly became a furry from there onwards. Quite dumb of me though only create an account on FAF recently though after all this time lol.

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An interest in Transhumanism.


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I always enjoyed the art and sorta knew what it was called than I decided to look into it more last October and now here I am


First of all I didn't know what a "Furry" was, then I just heard all the bad stuff and judged it as such, then I saw lots of art, games, etc. and found out close friends were furries, started to enjoy doing art, learning about what it actually is and being in the fandom. So here I am!


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Digimon, Was a huge fan of Veemon and Flamedramon. I got into the whole fandom series back in 2006 or was it 2007? either way I would be about 13 or 14 years old when I got into the fandom. Fun times.


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What got me into the fandom was a furry on a guitar forum i use, he tends to post furry stuff for absolutely no reason and i found some of the fursuits he posted interesting. A quick trip to wikifur, some amazing artwork and some average webcomics later and i was hooked.


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I got into the fandom through GaiaOnline, the first website I was a member of way back in 2004.
When the Gaia Community Discussion forum was made, I would go there a lot and embarrass myself. [noparse]:)[/noparse]
It must've been either 2006 or 2007 when I first got an interest in anything furry. I saw the words persona and fursona used in someone's sig, along with images of the person's characters. I didn't really understand the concept behind that, but I guess it was something that stuck. There was a regular on that forum, Baneful, whose signature was probably the first thing I've ever had some semblance of a sexual attraction to. The signature cycled through images of their character in various stages of transformation. It also had a link to a pretty massive RP about the Island of Dr. Moreau, where characters would come to the island and slowly transform. I never joined the RP, but I would lurk there. I became pretty obsessed with one of the characters, Ambrose. A thing that stuck to me about the character were the mental changes, like developing instincts. Funny enough, I knew I was into transformation before I had a gender preference. I remember reading some of the RPs with female characters and enjoying them, but not as much as the males.
I found myself attracted not just to TF, but other anthro characters as well. Stuff in people's signatures on Gaia, but also stuff from deviantArt, like Jeacn's work. I guess by searching for more, I found FA. It was really cool that there was a large community of people into the same stuff I was, since it was something that was so out there.
In all honesty it was imvu. I hit the random chat button where they set a chat up with a random person. The person they set me up with was a wolf furry. He broke the culture down for me and I became "Fur curious". It took me awhile to find what my fur was, but I settled on horse and later Alicorn.


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I went to Fanime two years ago. I was checking out the swap meet and I saw two fursuits for sale. I knew I'd never be able to afford such a cool costume but I asked the price anyways. Turns out I had just enough to get one of them so I bought it. :D

After the convention (and after loving the attention my Lucario suit got) I googled some stuff and found out I was a furry. The end. XD


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I've had a marginal interest for years, mostly because as a kid I really wished I had a tail. Silly right? But over the years I saw the artwork people were making in this fandom and really enjoyed it.

Then I because watching a youtuber and I dunno, wanted to know more about it, which seems to have drawn me to this place.

I'm quite happy I found here too. =3


I always loved animals and I had my first fursona since I was about 4 years old. I didn't know what furry was. When I was 10 years old my neighbour (also furry) told me about it. Since this day I am mindfull furry. TA DAH!


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It was kinda weird... I originally hated furries. They grossed me out and I didn't want anything to do with them. I warmed up over the years though.

When I was twelve, and I was just starting to get.... ahm... naughty thoughts, (puberty is da besssssst) I thought "ew human genitalia is gross" And I looked at things that I'm still ashamed to admit
And eventually it just devolved into furry/anthro artwork. I started drawing it myself and made myself a Poke-sona.
Then I sat down and thought
"Shit am I a furry now"
"I guess I am"

"I am okay with this"


I suppose I always liked the idea of anthropomorphs, but it really picked up when a friend showed me furaffinity. Lurked there for a while, then came to terms with myself. "I really love this stuff."


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I was lying in bed one night, and I just randomly started thinking about furries. No clue why, but I did, and I couldn't stop. The next day I looked it up, found Anthrocon.org, and through that I found FAF.
Luckily actual furries got to me before stereotypical people did.


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A Steam friend introduced me to this fandom. Well, at least opened me up to it. I've always denied myself on being one, until I met him however.

So I created my own 'sona and stuff, one based off of my old name "KOboxing"

It puts on a better mask when I play online, and it also helps be show my full potential of skills against other people. It gives me more confidence when I play the game. I don't know, either that or I'm going crazy.


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Now that I've thought about it, I suppose being part of a furry TF2 group (SouthernCrossGaming :D) for over two years has something to do with my furriness.


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I guess pure boredom (I'm too lazy to check if it is right) because I am in a 2 weeks vacation and I was bored, so I said "fuck it, let's be a furry" and here I am.

TL;DR: Brazil made me a furryhue
Tthis is how i found furry and became one i was watching tv and a show about furries came on it was saying that they were so odd and i was like let me look into this cause it seem cool so look on youtube for sItuff and found the song so i started going to sites thatt furs hang out on. after I found Second life and started makeing so many furry friends i knew i was a furry and some one ask me have i been to a fur meet with my local fandom and im like no how do i find them he sad to look up your state and furry and see what pop up and thats how i found this site now both of my brothers know im a furry and they mess with me about it alot im just not really active in rl yet need a job first lol well thats my story