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Main Site What happens to your comments when you delete your account?

This includes comments made on artwork, journals, and other people's pages. I haven't found any posts on this that are recent so thought I'd ask again.

Do they get removed from the site entirely, stay on the site but have the username show as something like "[deleted account]", still show as normal with your username still attached to them, or something else?

And if they still show up as normal with your username still attached to them, is there any way to see everywhere you've made comments before? I want to delete my account and have no comments left behind when I do.


Yes I think your posts and stuff stay here but unfortunately I dont think there is a way to delete them all. The only thing taht comes to my mind is deleting them one by one but that would be basically impossible


Staff member
Awesome, thanks for letting me know.

Also, quick side question, does "Staff Member" apply to only the forum or also the main site?
Main site, too, though there are departments. We don't have any staff that are only forums. I'm Acceptable Upload Policy, Code of Conduct, and Forum.