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What have you been having for breakfast lately?


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I normally drink a cup of Tetley with some sugar and a splash of soy milk, but my anxiety has been acting up recently so I need to wait to have any caffeine again until my lazy butt decides to order some decaf. So currently it's just a cup of herbal tea. Typically don't have an appetite first thing in the morning, but if I actually decide to eat then it's either a belvita breakfast biscuit or a jimmy dean stuffed hash brown. Those things are addicting~

Frank Gulotta

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Only coffee

Netanye Dakabi

people call me queen
natto pancakes are yum.

i don't know if it's a Scottish thing but everyone in Scotland thinks they're okay but literally any other country or.. Edinborough i guess tends to vomit on the smell alone.

Stray Cat Terry

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My darling's dish! ÒwÓ

A..uh... I mean... I dunno how to describe..? >p<
Anyways, yum! UwU


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Two slices of bread with something on it, usually butter, ham, cheese and cucumber. Paprika and/or tomato if I feel like adding something extra.

Connor J. Coyote

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Well, I had some scrambled eggs and sausage this morning, which wasn't too bad.
It was probably a bit unhealthy, but... I gotta say it was very tasty, nonetheless.

the sleepiest kitty

Had scrambled eggs, buttered toast, blackberries and coffee for breakfast today


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Opened face sandwich:
Chopped pickle
Spicy brown mustard
Green or red onion

Firuthi Dragovic

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  • Scrambled eggs with cheddar or goat cheese, sausage or bacon, and buttered toast
  • Protein shake and Greek yogurt
With the occasional orange or banana thrown in.

Kellan Meig'h

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It kind of depends on my blood sugar level in the morning ~ (Type 2 diabetic)
Under 100 - Pop Tarts and black coffee
100 to 120 - Pan cakes or waffles with no sugar syrup and black coffee
120+ is eggs and some kind of meat, such as fried spam, bacon or maybe chorizo or no eggs and meat, just Bob's Red Mill Meuseli with walnuts and black coffee
150+ is just eggs and one slice of wheat toast, light butter and black coffee

Note: all breafast choices must include black coffee but it may be Folgers Decaf mild roast. I'm generally a morning asshole until I've had some "Go-juice" in my system.


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Break... fast? What is this madness you speak of?!


Two big bowls of strawberry museli, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut chips and almonds topped with maple syrup. I pair that with a cup of tea and sometimes a small bowl of fruit (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and grapes).

It seems like a lot but I'm nearing the end of my anorexia recovery so it shouldn't be like this for much longer. I'm hoping to be able to have only a small bowl of museli with a sprinkle nuts and maple syrup with a handful of berries soon, but *shrug*.




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Usually a banana, an apple and one cup of coffee, black and strong. I often have my breakfast at work and these are convenient to eat while reading e-mails and doing work stuff.

Adrian Gordon

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oatmeal with soy milk.

for my "health" :(

the sleepiest kitty

•Fiberous cereal, with milk
•Carnation breakfast shake
•Two eggs and buttered toast