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What have you submitted to FA recently?


www.furaffinity.net: holy shit it's hot here what the fugg by Puppenstein
Was supposed to be sketch practice but that always ends up with something more


What DOES my username mean...?
Just uploaded the first 14 pages of my web comic, 'iN THE LOOP'. (more coming soon!)

is there an easier way to display the pages in order? i have all the page submissions in the same 'folder' but i'm not familiar with how FA displays uploads and foldered images. For now i just have a link to the cover page in ever description but i don't know how convenient that is for people. Also, is there a way to see whole comments in my messages page? Having to revisit each and every submission to read the comments could get a little annoying when they start flooding in and i have sooooooo many submissions posted at once.


What DOES my username mean...?
Posted the bio page (very mild NSFW) for my comic's main character to cap off the first chapter.
i posted the full spread as well as separate comic pages 14 and 15. Critique appreciated!


Todoxas is my name, and yiff is my game.
One of my latest pieces of Yiff fan art.


I'm rewriting my story 'Acceptable Hazard' and submitting it again. I'll actually finish it this time I hope.