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What headset do you use?


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It's just a pretty random question :3
Well, I use this headset


I use the Senheiser HD 449. Reasonable price, good quality (though find it lacking for music production) and light slim design.


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I use NVX XPT-100's with an Antlion Modmic.


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:eek: dem knobs and buttons
They can be bound to ANY keystroke or command too, including the nob. The only time i make use of them us when i recline in my computer chair with the lights and monitor off. Otherwise, i have the same binds on my G11 keyboard.


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Sennheiser HD-201. One of the classic headphones - ultra-affordable (you can get it for $20 nowadays, as far as I know), yet extremely durable and well-balanced, and better than some of mid-to-high range ones in terms of sound quality (volume and natural bass are a bit low compared to pricey ones though).

From that what I have heard, Sennheiser makes good products....
From "the big 3" (Beats, Sennheiser, Sony), their products are arguably better and more respected. Beats are universally considered an overpriced "design statement" with overbuffed bass and little of actual quality, and Sony ones are decent, yet usually either too expensive, or a bit shoddy in build quality. Sennheiser headsets are the least expensive (not to say "cheap", it's just that the price isn't inflated by the brand, like with Beats), most well-rounded, and with strong emphasis on balance, without overpowered bass/tremble - the whole design philosophy behind them can be summed up as "You hear the music the way it was initially produced".
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I used to use a Turtle Beach PX22, but after a couple of years the microphone went out on it. I replaced that with the Logitech G430. It is one of the worst headsets I have ever used!


QPAD's QH-90. Very durable, good sound, decent microphone.



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Astro A40s, wired, surround sound.

I tried the A50 wireless headset, and was very disappointed with its volume limitations, and finicky connectivity. Maybe Astro has improved that since release, but the A40s are pretty sweet.


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I've got these: Sennheiser HD518 alongside an Audioengine D1 DAC and headphone amp. Love the way it sounds.




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Turtle Beach X01 Headset for my xbox one (with no life chat pad included) and also works for PC/Mobile chatting on Skype and similar apps. I had a battery operated Turtle Beach set for my 360 and that was quite a regrettable purchase. AAA batteries would just get eaten up faster than I could replace them and I will likely never resort to a wireless headset ever again.


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I wear audio technica m50x headphones with a shure sm58 for my mic. I don't use an audio interface because jack audio is already low latency.


audio technica ath-adg1 At the time it was the most expensive gaming headset and for whatever reason it did not come with a mute switch! WTF