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What i can do here?


Pirate Fox Mom
Welcome :)

For art and showcasing you probably want this section

Personally I tend to hangout in the forum games and just muck about, but I've had some of my best ideas while doing so, and they're a good way to interact with the others on here.

Hope this helps :)


Engineering Wolf
Hello and welcome to the forums.

There's a bunch of stuff you can do around here. Personally I just bounce around seeing what all I can, just chatting mostly.


Active Member
To be honest, I'm not very good at chatter. I always stayed on the sideline even in Internet chats.
I love helping others with drawing. I get a lot of self-satisfaction from this (I hope it doesn’t sound bad)
So if communication happens rather awkwardly, both have they benefits


Pirate Fox Mom


Pirate Fox Mom