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What if there was a civalization of furries?


Ich will Anarchy
proud furvert here.

Amen brother

Yeah my fursona is 30, I'm 15, but no. I don't like yiff.Well... Alright I do but only if they're both male and it doesn't show anything.

Uh, no cookies or yiff for you.

Back to the subject at hand, lets face it, there's 2 things furries really enjoy; fisticuffs and fornication, it'd be one giant frat party. Nothing would ever get done, we'd starve in a week, hell the gatorade would be gone before the first day was over.


*Le Rawr*
It's the same issue as the idea of furry communes. Whats the point? Most such groupings have a cause/ideology/worldview behind them whether it is religious, economic or social/cultural to which people abide.

What would a furry civilisation or commune have or offer? Artistic pursuits? Not everyone in the fandom is an artist and not like we can't do the artistic stuff outside. There isn't an ideology behind furry. It's a hobby/fetish/lifestyle so that bit is off as well.

Ok. How about lifestyle elements like fursuiting or yiff? I know fursuiting in public has its fun sides. I know some people in the fandom prefer relationships within the fandom. But do we really need to form a separate civilisation to do these? The ones who do it do it already. On a similar manner, do we really need a situation where we are free to do these things 365 days a year? Even people who like such activities would get tired.

Not to mention groups within the fandom can hardly stand eachother. A furry civilisation wouldn't take long to reach a spot where, say, babyfurs (just to give a popular example) are being lynched in the streets.


is emo.
Oh well. When I first looked at this thread, I thought it meant "what if a hidden society of personified animals was found?", not "what if all of the ppl who consider themselves 'furry' established a new society for themselves only?". If they did, it would probably be in California.


This. There would be much yiffing, and then everyone would argue over pedo/zoophilia, and eventually kill each other.
You know what? I'd support a furry civilization, as long as killing dogfuckers/childfuckers is legal. I'd stomach the perversion and drama to be able to murder a few messed up people. :V


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Well... I used to thinkthat most furries were clean furs.. But now im kind of thinking that was just something made up so that people wouldn't develop steretypes about thema nd it failed. I have no intent in bashing the fandom or anything but it is true.As for me, This whole thing is just an art hobby style thing that i partcipate in a lot. Well as for now, Im just a clean fur. But im NOt sure if that will come to change. I wouldn't want it to become to be anything sexual or against my beliefs.Though this is very unlikely, It is a possiblity.


Now with 100% more ∂ e e r™
I would join them, and introduce them to the sting of a nice 7.62mm Russian round to the forehead.
Yall Jimmy! Close dem doors, We Dont like them kind here.


Now with 100% more ∂ e e r™


Now with 100% more ∂ e e r™
pfff, you think I am part of anon? You are truly mistaken, for I am a lone troll.
Then be free to come in the society. I aint going but youll sure to have fun with all the people who say yes :V


Devourer of Worlds
If there was a furry civilization. ALL the movies would have yiff in them. Hell it would be illegal not to. Also they would have to overcome bombardment from the camp of Trolls


Now with 100% more ∂ e e r™