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What if... you could meet anyone you want ?


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My future lover in some sort of cool place...

But for real, The whole band of Black Veil Brides at one of their concerts.


I'd want to meet one of my desendands that lives in the future and one that ends up being a famous and good person that helps progress humanity


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I would like to meet some of the artist that I inspire to be. Tome Woods or Anne Stokes.
Steve Jobs. We could sit around listening to Dylan and the Beatles, and discuss the future of consumer tech.

Samandriel Morningstar

The Morningstar
My ancestors
Mark Pellegrino
Ryan Reynolds
Carl Beukes
Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Tom Hiddleston
Dameon Clarke

Andrew Zimmern
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I'd like to meet Moebius (french artist), Ayrole and Masbou (french as well) and... Marie Laveau (voodoo queen, AHS : Coven got me I think XD)


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I want to meet Bidoyinn but I guess they don't want to meet me so :(

Im meeting a bunch of Internet friends at Anime North, met a cool furry pal there last year, if anyone else is going this year then plz hmu plzplzplz

[bunch of days later edit: I do not remember posting this. I blame beer. Delicious, delicious beer.]
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I'd like to meet Shigeru Miyamoto, Todd Howard, Tetsuya Nomura, and Yoshitaka Amano, just to name a few^^

I'd also like to meet my mom again and just catch up.


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My killer, on top of a skyscraper battling it out to the death... the killer smiling at me after a critical hit, only for me to pull out my gun and kill them... after which I get up and do a victory lap, forgetting about my injury which causes me to fall off said skyscraper and then wake up from my dream #inception


Icy Dragon
I would like to meet that special someone in a cold place and have a dinner in the open and in front of a lake, while we enjoy the sun hiding behind far away mountains, and then cuddle for a while:p


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I'm afraid to meet famous people I look up to in fear that they would end up jerks, and I wouldn't like them any more. lol

So probably the top person I would be happy to meet would be Grumpy Cat. XD Can't go wrong there. lol
Grumpy Cat: I met KC, It was awful.

Other people that I would get overly excited about: Robert Irvine, Jackson Galaxy, Lisa Frank.
They seem cool.


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Most of mine are people who have already passed away, but supposing I could still meet them in some other realm:

-Franz Kafka: I always have thought he probably had a great sense of humor, despite his dark writings.

-Johnny Cash: Always loved his music, and he seemed so down the earth.

-Anne Sexton, my favorite poet. I bet she'd be a bit crazy, but a lot of fun.

-Carl Barks, comic book artist, and creator of Uncle Scrooge

Among the living:

-David Attenborough, I love his nature documentaries, and he seems so kind

-Keith Richards, of The Rolling Stones so I could ask him how he managed to live so long, leading the life he did