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What if... you could meet anyone you want ?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
David Attenborough - best docos

Yep, an intelligent, well spoken gentleman, and certainly the best nature documentaries out there. And he's still active.

I had a list earlier, but almost all of them are deceased...

But again, some that come to mind, from disparate areas:

-Harry Houdini
-Thomas Mann
-Lyndon B Johnson
-Carroll O'Connor (who played Archie Bunker)
-Norman Lear, who created many TV shows, and is still alive
-Anne Sexton, my favorite crazy poet
-All 4 main characters from, 'The Golden Girls'
-Mark Twain


Is honestly confused by life.
Jesse Cox is pretty cool. I'd like to say hi to him, tell him i like his stuff. That's about it, though. I don't like bothering people.