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What if you were someone's Totem/Spirit animal?

Remember who you are

  • Father?

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  • Look closer

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  • He lives in you.

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Slytherin Umbreon

Black Lives Matter
So I made a joke in Open chat about someone casting patronus and having a furry for their patronus instead of a normal animal.
So now we have this thread.
Native American Totem Animals & Their Meanings – Legends of America
(It's a much bigger list then last time, @Simo we have one for you this time! o/)

So now you're someone's spirit animal.
High-jinks Ensue!


Woof? Woof
Me as a spirit animal? Would be fun. :3
I would want to end up A dragon cuz richness, infinity, wisdom, power like do you know what kind of ego trip I could go on


I'm a hot dog


Well-Known Member
Guy: Woah, my spirit animal!
Me: Is in the midst playing a video game.
Guy: Hello?
Me: Exasperated sigh. "What is it?"
Guy: "Well, I was wondering if you could give me advice on my situation. Two my friends are arguing with each other and ad forcing me to pick a-"
Me: "Be true to yourself, honesty always wins something something believe in yourself. See ya" Guzzles down some light beer and goes back to playing vidya.


Angry Lizard King
First I'd introduce myself. Then they would say, "Oh wow, my spirit animal! According to Native American legend, lizards represent conservation, vision, self-protection, hidden defenses, shrewdness and variation!"

Then I would look them in the eye and say:
"ХЕХЕХЕХЕХЕ... нет. I am not American, you idiot. I am a Russian lizard! I represent screeching, violence, bad decisions, recklessness, pessimism, envy and mood swings!"

I would then spend my time haunting them, influencing them to do bad decisions, eat all their snacks, drink their alcohol, and then use their computer and TV to watch lizard mating videos.

They will soon call an exorcist.


The sheep

Stoic, sensitive, persevering, curious, imaginative, new beginnings, change, life force.
- - - - -
Man... I got my work cut out for me. I can barely afford food let alone be a spirit guide for another person. Maybe I can crash on their couch?
Deer: Kindness, subtlety, Caring, Gracefullness, Compassion, Seller of adventure, Gentleness

I’m sure I’d be excellent at it

Person: Hey, your my spirit animal right?
Me: Yes...
Person: Ok I need help
Me: What do you need?
Person: So there’s this—
Me: You know what why don’t we just watch Mr Rogers Neighborhood problem solved
Me:shhhh it’s starting

Deleted member 111470

I'd be a pretty shitty totem/spirit animal. My fursona probably wouldn't tho, he's kinda cool. Although he might or might not influence people to steal valuables. I guess he'd be a good thief's spirit animal.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
"Skunk: Reputation, presence, strength, demands respect, sensual, steady, pacifism, taking your time."

OK, sensual, whoever I guide is gonna have no problems, there. Zero. Pacifistic? Well, yep, that's me...but... demands respect, or, ya get sprayed! I do encourage taking your time, though this might also be considered laziness. Strength? Er...I guess maybe in endurance? Steady? Steadily going more crazy!

Whoever gets me as their spirit animal is going to love to tease foxes (among other critters), will develop a strong paw and arm from keeping them in line and they way they tug on a leash, laugh a lot, cry a lot, try and help others, go crazy fairly often, but somehow manage to pull through.

Slytherin Umbreon

Black Lives Matter
I'd be deeply concerned. I'm the last person anyone should look up to or take inspiration from...
I dunno, your Avatar looks very inspiring.
Is this the results of first time Coffee and Cream?