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What inspired you to join the fandom?



Ever since I was young I drew animals and animal characters, and had characters based on my stuffed animals (those characters which I still have). But I didn't really know much of the fandom for a long time. Until one day when I was say, 16 or 17? Playing LittleBigPlanet and my brother was watching me make costumes, and pointed out how my costumes in the game were always animals. He then went on to jokingly call me a furry. I refused the idea saying "I don't wear animal costumes and screw in them!!!" lol

Of course later on curiosity got the better of me and I went on to search up what furry really was and what the fandom was about, and realized it seemed like something that fit me a lot. I kind of reluctantly considered myself a furry, but was off-and-on about being in the fandom for the next few years. Wasn't really until the end of last year or the beginning of this year I finally accepted being apart of the fandom.

respectful decision I've gotta say


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I joined the fandom when I was 15 but I knew what it was when I was 13 because of a humaniamals documentary they had on Animal Planet. I got a bit more into it eventually becoming otherkin which is what I thought being a furry was. When I was 16 I had a mutual friend who was also a furry and he introduced me to what the community was really about and even a couple of forum sites. I've dipped in and out of the community a lot these last 10 years because of either social anxiety, depression or just not vibing well with others. It wasn't until about 5 days ago that I decided to actually, really try to be a part of the community and I'm even working on getting some artwork done finally.


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I'm properly on the more innocent side of Furries, first learning what it was 10 years later after my first Fursona.
I actually remember it pretty clearly - but back then I was a 10 year old child. I just kept repeating drawing this character Bunny Kanin which meant Bunny Bunny lol
Anyway I remember i gave her superpowers and wanted to be her... since then I've changed quite a lot. My next fursona was an emo lonely male wolf with strong urge to just... be alone...
But there would go another 7 years before I began hearing the word Furry and extra 2 years before I understood what it was...
Meaning I've only known for 2 years but I like some aspects.
I am not into the porn part of the furry fandom, even though it seemed interesting at first... but on the way I threw the interest out (around the time I found out as well I was ace...)
But for most part... people believe me to be a brony with a horse fursona (or that I'm super kinky... but I just like horses and have a cartoon/anime inspired art style????)

So yeah... Joining the fandom I properly did in my childhood without knowing but finding out from there... I was troubled for a long time about it because apparently a lot of furries has some weird ass kinks where my mental mind is just disturbed ._.
I wanted to stay away for a good time, actually did for a full year and only "returned" in spring when I wanted to draw my horses again after a year break. I missed drawing them but getting linked to both mlp and horny kinks is super weird just because I like horses (yes I know horses is horny as hell but it's also a beautiful creature. There is more to horses than a c--- for freaks sake)
Now I'm just too busy to be active in the fandom though ._.


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I see a buffet , then I come in and the people was warm, then , my family never found me from this very day.


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I'm personally really into furry analysis. I like learning the different stereotypes, the biology, and the physiology of anthros. I am very much into the science of it all. I'm interested in trying to determine the logistics of a furry world. I'm interested in trying to learn how a furry world would work (and it is kinda disappointing when the creator ignores it, e.g "they are all magic", "lab meat was always available", whatever).

I just love the potential for scientific exploration of furry stuff.

I also like cute animal people.


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I am mostly curious as to see if anything involving any side I do have with the fandom will awaken by participating in the community. I also would like to talk to new people and find new places to fit in with too! It's been too long since I reached out to something new, and this felt like a good choice.


Long story short because I'm lazy, a friend who was a furry pointed out some art I had of an OC of mine was furry, so I was enticed to explore the fandom and see what's up.

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I've been a furry for 10+ years without even knowing what it was. Oct. of last year, I discovered that this was something a lot people did (having a fursona or so) so I came here to see if I could chill as my fursona, who's literally just myself as a Panther..


I always felt a better connection to furry characters, that and elder scrolls games and perfect world helped.


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For me, I was just a massive lurker in the fandom for a long time. I’ve only officially been calling myself a furry a few months ago, but I’ve actually been a furry for much longer than that. Ever since I started writing, I began to lurk around the fandom... so it’s been a good five years that I’ve been a furry, actually. It was so freeing when I officially joined the fandom for the first time, you have no idea!


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At first I actually disliked furries. A lot of the art made me feel uncomfortable at first even. And I felt I wouldn’t really fit in many places since being a female, it seemed to be primarily gay males. I felt sorta like an outcast my first time trying to become part of the fandom.

My boyfriend at the time. ( Now my fiancé .) was into furries. I was originally into anime but once I seen how into furries he was I wanted to be part of it to bond better with him. Took a lot growing pains from personal issues, but once I got situated I just enjoy the few friendly people I manage to get comfortable and trusting with.

I still avoid a lot of parts of the fandom to be honest. I still won’t go to any cons. But I cherish those I come to get close with!


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It was like opposite pole magnets coming together. I couldn't resist it once I found the Fandom. I had an inkling I was Furry back about 1975 at a a Gen Con convention. I didn't find the Fandom until many years later.

I still avoid a lot of parts of the fandom to be honest. I still won’t go to any cons. But I cherish those I come to get close with!

I'm sad that you haven't been to a Furry convention. I think you would enjoy it. I also hope you find many more new friends in the Fandom. :)

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Curiosity got the best of me, I guess. I met some nice self proclaimed furries before and figured that here I can find a lot more of that. I wasn't disappointed so far!