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What inspired your fursona?

Also, how many fursonas do you have, if more than one?

  • I don't have one.

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • 1

    Votes: 78 61.4%
  • 2

    Votes: 27 21.3%
  • 3

    Votes: 4 3.1%
  • Too many to choose!

    Votes: 15 11.8%

  • Total voters

Slytherin Umbreon

Black Lives Matter
I haven't actually drawn mine yet, but ah... My antlers are based on a Christmas card my grandma sent me :oops:
Other then that, most just you know... Deery-Deer stuff.


I love science fiction and things like technology and cybernetics. That was one of the main things that contributed to my character.


Jokingly said highlands cattle were my fursona because they had cool emo hair. I got really attatched to the idea. :’D


The weirdest thing alive
Nice, I have a sona that's a space lizard made of crystal and uh... flesh. Also a standalone goat, as well as a standalone yeen. Thats 4 sonas, jeez

Monsieur Doveteux

The Local Grammarian
I just really like foxes! There’s a pair of them that come by my house and we leave food out for them, and seeing them cemented the idea in my head.
My pic isn’t my fursona, btw. I just drew the most generic thing I could think of for it. :p

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I've loved foxes for as long as I can remember, so fursona choice was easy. I originally conceived Kit as character who could exist in the Star Fox universe, but that was too restrictive so I axed that idea.


Lover of Beasty Baes
Technically I have two, I guess?
The other one is a dandelion, but, thats not a furry...?
The bear-dog was inspired by a prehistoric ancestor to wolves and bears. Is it that prehistoric ancestor? Maybe~. I am pretty old to be coming back to this community. |D

-Mainly, it's just ridiculous.


Active Member
Anything that I've considered for my sona's been mythical creatures 'cause they're almost purely creatures of concept built from the ground up and allows the most librities and are just fun for me to draw. Also I could never settle on a single animal D:.


Furry from the discount section
I like insects, and I was looking for something challenging to design and draw, so that is what I went with. I had no direct inspiration, kind of felt like I invented something even though I didn't.


profound asshole
I created the design of my sona solely based around everything negative in my life, and how I feel about it. From his looks, to his clothing/accessories, to his backstory and personality, He's pretty much an exact embodiment of my stress, anxiety, sadness and scarred despair. He's inspired from my pain, and my wishes to overcome it.

However...I've been feeling rather insecure about his lack of recognition over the course of 2 years and I generally just feel sour towards him as a character. I've been thinking of getting a new one for awhile, with much more "positive" inspirations.


Blue Frog | Avatar by Lenago
I like frogs and chose from a 300 species catalog that I own. I wanted to find one with both native occurence in Brazil and visually appealing, and then my current Guifrog was born.

The way I managed the poison factor and mix it with my music making hobby just came out of nowhere and it pleasantly surprised me. :3


New Member
Mine would be the fact that I love Fluorite crystals, and hyenas, and goats. Simple really! Oh and bushy hair on furs is so cute! What about yours?
I'm a Savannah cat myself. You see, I've always felt like I wanted to be a mix of a cat and a dog, whilst still being a real animal. Foxes are the most popular animal in this fandom (if you exclude wolves) so of course I didn't want to be one of them, but I didn't have many ideas besides that. I went through an otter and a deer.. but they didn't stick with me.

Then I found out about Savannah cats. They're cats, but they're still active and social creatures. I decided to make my fursona one of the little guys, and she's been with me since.


A-veri Rood Roo
Metals, I was going for brass and copper then I updated her. Now she looks more like a hybrid.


Late Healer Ferret
My pet ferrets. I mixed all their patterns together and gave them wings a: because I like drawing wings and b: to represent all I’ve lost.
My main fursona is based on my interest in pirate-stuff, while my alt smilodon sona is from my love of prehistoric animals! I love dinosaurs more than the later species/eras, but they look awkward when ‘Furry-fied’ xD. Smilos are easier to draw. :3