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What inspired your fursona's name?


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I chose the name "Jack" since it was the names of characters I liked at the time (Eyeless Jack and Jack Skellington). I just liked how it sounded too.

His last name of "Chomby" came from iterations of the online nickname I used: Chumby Chonk. "Chumby" came about after I saw a Tumblr post with some fat spyhnx cats with the caption: Chumby. I thought it was adorable and funny. "Chonk" came about because it was another memefied version of "chubby."

What's weird is that I'm not overweight and neither is my character. I just liked how it sounded. Later on I dropped "Chonk" and just went by "Chumby," but then over time, "Chumby" made be think of "Gumby" which is a character I don't care for.

So then I picked back up "Chonk" and mixed the two words together, so now no one ever guesses it means "chubby" anymore. It's just a funny word, and I became attached to it since I met a lot of nice furs that lovingly called me that.

After a long time, I thought about Jack having a last name, and what better last name than Chomby? (。•̀ᴗ-)

People started calling me "Chompy" which I liked at the time, so I impulsively had my name changed to that on here. It didn't take long before I regretted that decision, so I'll request to have it changed back after 3 months. ^^"


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Biscayne is a place in Florida and it just kinda sounds cool lol. I didn't think about it much XD


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Kahlua and Zorro! I liked the sound of Kahlua, but I wanted to give him a Z name because I was always obsessed with Zorro as a kid

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I thought about it long and hard - wanted something to embody the vision I have for this fursona, all of his struggles, his ups and downs -a name that would represent him as a whole.

I uh... misread the name of a character from Divine Cybermancy:
eyedivinecybermancy.fandom.com: Rimanah



That dates back to quite a long time ago. I was hellbent on naming my fursona after a Japanese rock/metal band member. I had in my mind Yoshiki (X Japan's drummer), Minoru (Loudness vocalist), Kenichi (Sex Machineguns' guitarist).
I picked Kentaro (after Kentaro Yokota from Gargoyle), which stuck in my head the most, and it stayed like that until now. Also my sona had a name even long before I've drawn his first ref sheet ever


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It's a pun off 'auxiliary' because they're meant to be a 'second self' or avatar, and also my real name begins with Au... If I could go back I'd probably change it to something less meta lol


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Liuxing is a word that can mean "meteor" or "shooting star" in Chinese and when broken down, the parts "Liu" and "Xing" end up becoming surnames used in royal families in China.

I stuck with keeping them together because meteors in China symbolize an inbalance within a person and his character growth involves him having to deal with all these emotions and thoughts overwhelming him and having to balance them all out in order to overcome the obstacle I wrote for him in his story.


I have history for my names. There is an ancient tale as to the reason of why the name Vioko Moonlight came to be. Back when I played Gta 5, (which I still do), I always used to listen to this one song to get me started: Fatrat, Unity Gta5 Gun Sync. I listened to it, as well as felt the last name come to me. Moonlight was all I kept thinking. Then when I bought that pricy Grotti Turismo Classic, the name Vioko came to me. Then, his design was a black and red Bloodfox species, one I had made up myself. The power to use one's blood to regenerate. Not in any relation to that new movie with Vin Diesel, but it is my own idea. Vioko Moonlight came to be my most used name ever for me. And it has so much meaning to it....

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Being a chemist and one of my fav. elements is Niobium --> Niru
Niobe (used to name the element) also means "snowy"
But there's much more behind that name ^^
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Nothing inspired me to make my name what it is.

I had names randomly generated, took several of them, and started smashing different parts from two or three at a time to create more unique name variants. And then, after finalizing a list of about 13 different names, I just chose the one that sounded the best to me. The only factors that influenced me were things like wanting the name to have one or two syllables, not hard to pronounce or spell, and sound reptilian in some way, shape, or form.

Ended up growing to love the name Vamux, though. Probably couldn't have thought of a better one had I tried.

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Jin is from Jin Kisaragi, in the game BlazBlue. I used to "main" him (if, by "main", you mean shameless button-mash).
Though I'm starting to prefer Ragna now. I even "main" him way more than Jin (pissed my cousin off every time we played because I button-mash too hard for him to deal with lol).


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Fuck yea!~ I approve!


I love the word Zany it totally explains my personality to a tee and there for that ended up being my name. Also I used to use a name ZanyAngel for several of the mmos I like to play so it just seemed to fit for my artwork! ^-^


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Well ash first name is inspire by bruce Campbell character, Ash Williams. His last name, feliz means happy in Spanish and that about it.


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I love the soft, warm feel of velvet. I love the fact that even green velvet in my head feels red. I like the smell of proper, silk-thread velvet.

As for the usename, I like Solarpunk. It's the optimistic, permaculture and solarpower version of Cyberpunk. And 'punked' means 'tricked', which amuses me.