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What inspired your fursona's name?


On a highway to Hell
A friend called me that once, because it's a black chinchilla. I liked the sound of it, made it my username for most places, then my sona's definite name.


"nEw UsEr"
My main fursona's name actually came to me in a dream. Some random person was giving me a tour around his home, and in the bathroom was his miniature pet giraffe named Bandela. (I ended up using the name on a utahraptor though)

My secondary fursona used to be named Axis, which I lazily grabbed from the name of his species; Axis Deer. Somehow I was cool with that for 3 and a half years, but I recently changed his name to Suɲo (pronounced soon-yo) as it fits the sound of his language much better.

I also have a third character named Jumartes, whose name I got from a childhood misinterpretation of a System of a Down lyric.

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
Hehe, casino themed sona named after the best outcome because he is clearly the best. Plus it's similar to my actual name anyway; Pot.


Do clouds look down and think I'm one of them?
I don't think that my fursona's name really has any meaning, but I found it to be something that sounded pretty in my mind so I just went with it! I tend to be rather creative, but I struggle with names a lot and it's always a pain to come up with new ones for your characters.

In this case, I remember that I wanted something that started with "val" and the "r" immediately after pleased me a lot, but 'Valryth' only really came to me after me writing down many combinations and choosing what sounded the best to me! It's hard to think of something that's me, but that's also furry, but that's also a ram... I was hoping to hit moderate adequacy on all of those, and while I'm not sure if I did, I'm quite satisfied with the result! It suits him, and that's all that matters to me.


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I wanted something with 4 letters that started with an E, to match my real name. I was also very religious at the time (hence my usernames OvineTanuki and NugatorySheep) so I picked a Biblical name. I didn't realize until later that Ezra was a boy's name, but eh. Kinda ironic considering the reason I didn't use my real name was that it felt too masculine.


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I lifted my fursona's name from folklore, being Reynard the fox wiki link: Reynard the Fox - Wikipedia
And the reason why my FA username is spelt Renyard is because I messed up typing.
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Hara Unis was the (mostly unseen) wife of a character I wrote in a story. She took on the last name Surya when I wanted to play her in Second Life.

Hara Surya is a pen name of the real me and the fictional Sara Evans. I simply like the name Sara and Evans is my mother's maiden name.


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I once had a pet moth named "Bunny" because her fluffy white antennae looked like little rabbit ears.
I transferred the name to my moth fursona.
Yeah, that's it.


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My main username (Azeleon) is also my fursona's name, I kinda made it for both at the same time.
The Azel part is actually taken from the name "Azazel", which is actually a demon name, and also the name of a villain from a show I used to watch and enjoy. It also just sounds pretty badass in general.
The "Leon" part has multiple meanings. It refers to "Leo" which is my astrological sign. Leon also refers to "Chameleon", which is both my favorite lizard, and a reference to one of my favorite childhood games for the Sega Genesis, "Kid Chameleon".
Combine it all, and you get Azeleon!


A fox named Ridley
My fursona's name has its roots back in 2003-2004ish when I was hopelessly obsessed with Metroid Prime and especially Meta Ridley. Accordingly, I came up with a God-awful Gary-Stu OC who was also named Ridley. Don't ask what I was thinking. I was just being a dumb kid.

The years passed and my Metroid obsession faded, but I still liked the sound of the name Ridley. I toyed with different names as I came up with my fursona, but "Ridley" was what stuck.

Canopus the Dreamer

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My fursona's name is Canopus. As I always viewed Canopus as a really erudite character, I imagined him having an obscure name from antiquity.

While I was reading about the British Navy during WW1, I read about a battleship called HMS Canopus. When I looked into the name, it named after King Agamemnon's navigator. At that point I knew the name was perfect.

In short his name is from a old battleship that was named after a old sailor


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This guy. @Rystren , the rest is now legend.

The Matte-Black Cat

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Matte-black painted cars :cool:


The name Spectre had it's origins, and it's own little fanciful titles. I originally chose this because the Spirit Guardian populace are mostly made up of small white creatures with wispy blue auras, and their color is white, almost blinding when using their abilities. So, I looked for a name to properly suit this guardian I had made up. Knowing Spectre referred to ghosts, it seemed ideal because of the fact that Spirit Guardians looked wispy in a sense, almost like a ghost. So the name Spectre the Spirit Guardian stuck after much evaluation. That and I liked the name Spectre. Had a nice ring to it.


My oldest main sona i really have no idea what my thoughts were, it was too long ago. Her name is Sugar? Maybe because she is sweet or she's candy coloured, but I think I might have just thought it was cool to have an english word (since it aint my native language lol) as a name because i was like 12 lol. Idk, my current main sona is just called rabbit because of my username and that's what people call me online so, no fun story there

Ash Sukea

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What my spouse calls me plus an alternative in disguise version of their favorite anime character whom I bear a strong resemblance to. well, passing resemblance, I don’t exactly have his physique.
My fursona name has had a bit of a transition over the past 10 years.

It started as Cassandra de Lancret. The first name being a name I liked in general, the Last name from Ever After that I thought was pretty. I changed my name several times. I don't remember the order, but it included: Pandorah, Dawn Hunter, and Koeki. Pandorah was after a panda form I took, a play on panda and Pandora's box. Dawn Hunter was for another form. Koeki was a name that a friend gave me. If I remember right it's Japanese for Little Dragon or Lizard (I don't remember which).

Koeki wasn't able to be pronounced properly, so people called me Kakey and kookey.
I liked Cookie, so it stuck.

My username is infamous_mango because of the random generator in reddit, and because I'm a redhead.


Werewolf a Tophat
Its was a name I got from my sister who came up a user name for a mmo game for me.
So it was my sister who named him.


Resident Stone Age Fox
Being a Stone Age sona, it can be traced back to a documentary I watched when I was first getting super interested in Finland, it's language, and culture. It was a BBC animated short about a kid who dreams of living in different parts of history, this time the Stone Age, and one of the points they bring-up is that it's likely people named themselves after the world around them. Like how the main character was called Otter and his sister... Bird Poo

But yeah, that's a point that stuck with me, and so when it came time to name Sakara I had to sit and think "what would a pair of hunter-gatherer parents name their child?" And I came-up with Sakara, which his the result of sticking Antler in Google Translate from English to Finnish. So translated I think it's Antler, and I named him this because, of course, his parents believed that it would give him the sharp wits, sharp like antlers.