What inspired your fursona's name?


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I borrowed the middle names of my grandmothers- Harmina from my paternal grandmother and Rose from my maternal grandmother.
I spent a lot of time with both of them growing up and they helped shape who I am and who I want to be.


My mlpfim oc Floppy pony as seen on my avatar pic seems a bit of a wierd name unless you explain it. They had an abusive family and they were born with deformed ears which flop around and she clumsy so they called her Floppy and it stuck.
I also have another mlpfim oc which is called Ruby because their eyes are ruby red ^w^
Those are the only names I have with such detailed explanations tho. most of my names are just what i feel fits the personality like
that character looks like a Joe lol -v-'


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Rather than copy and paste here, I will simply link my recent entry into the community where I broke it all down. If the copy and paste is preferred please let me know. I am not trying to cause issues I am new to the forum and pretty tired. Therefore I'm simply attempting to increase efficiency in my ever changing busy life. Thank you for taking the time.

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It's kinda silly, but I realized that I greet people with "Heyo!" a lot. I took "heyo", slapped the first couple letters of my real name onto it, and "Breyo" was made. The thought process behind it is really stupid, but I think that I like the finished product :D


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A friend of mine kept calling Dragons, Dergens. Then I started doing the same, then the name just stuck.

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Cayenne's name is based on one of my favorite things: pepper.
Her design was ready and I didn't have a name yet, and I was eating tacos with hot sauce. Then I looked at her colors, at the sauce and at her again and had a "eureka!" moment :v


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My sona's name is Kili Kingsley, his first name is a shortened version of Kilimanjaro, which is a mountain I climbed back in 2018.

As for Kingsley... I have no idea... guess I just liked the way it sounded!


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Cinnamon the chinchilla...
Cinnamon because of my username (Sinamuna) sounding like Cinnamon.
Plus it just flows with her species name, chinchilla lol


My new Bearsona's name, Benjamin Grant California, I came up with by taking a bunch of people's names from Wikipedia's LIST OF PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH THE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH


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I'm a retired US Navy Aviation Ordnanceman. AO's who work in the weapons magazines are nicknamed Mag Rats. Thus my fursona's name, A.O. Magrat.