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What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)


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So, I was thinking of starting an updated list of what instruments people play as well as what specific model of instrument they use. (Especially for guitarists and keyboard players, etc.)
For example, someone might post:

"I play the saxophone and clarinet"

"I have a Gibson SG, Fender Strat, etc."

which would be listed as:

ForumUser97 - Saxophone, Clarinet
xXFurry4LyfeXx - Electric Guitar - Gibson SG, Fender Stratocaster

You get the point. I figured it would be an easy and fun way to see some of the other musicians on FAF and what model of instrument they use/prefer. Remember, this is for people who play an instrument. (Sorry electronic music composers, maybe some other thread.)

If anyone has suggestions of organization I would love to hear them. I figured I would just list everyone in chronological order of posting, since arranging by instrument name is too difficult once you get people who play an array of instruments.
Part 1 of my feeble attempt to revive The Blue Note, even if it is a generic list thread. I'll update this list regularly (and I'll try not to bump it with "Added" posts) until I leave the forums.

Tell me if anything is wrong.


The Everlasting FAF Band

Demensa - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar - Ibanez RG series

Acoustic Violin - Stentor Arcadia, Electric Violin - Yamaha "Silent String", Clarinet - Yamaha, Bass Clarinet, Descant Recorder, Treble/Alto Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Piano

Kit H. Ruppell - BaÄŸlama, Rubab, Spike Fiddle, Electric 'sitar' Guitar, Soprano Ukulele

Vukasin - Electric Guitar - Schecter Diamon Series, Acoustic Guitar - NS28 Nikki Sixx "Heroin Diaries", Bass - Ibanez ATK, Drums, Clarinet

Aden - Electric guitar - Custom Carvin DC800 8-string, Schecter C-1 Elite 6-string, Acoustic guitar - Taylor, Violin - Strunal, Piano, Bass Guitar

lol - Piano - Knabe baby grand (1920-1930), Kohler and Campbell (1950), Trumpet - Silver R.S. Berkley, Alto Saxophone - Julius Keilwerth

Lev1athan - Tuba, Baritone

DarthLeopard - Acoustic Guitar, Flute

Aleu - Flute, Xylophone

Kivaari - Electric Guitar - Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster

Kentarvos - French Horn - Conn

Rivers Bluetail - Electric Guitar - Fender Strat, Gibson SG, Bass Guitar - Fender 5 string Jazz, Drums

Namba - Acoustic Guitar - Indiana Scout and Crafter, Electric Guitar - Epiphone Ebony and White Flying V

DenzyBaby - Piano

JerryFoxcoon - Piano/Keyboard - CT-636 Casio keyboard, Yamaha NP-31

Kalven - Drums - Yamaha Tour Custom: 12", 13", 16", 22", Mapex Black Panther Snare, Zildjian 14" A Custom Rezo Hats, Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash, Zildjian 20" A Armand Ride, Meinl 18" Soundcaster Fusion Crash Bass Guitar - Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass, Guitar - Tanglewood TW45 Electroacoustic Guitar, Ibanez GRG-270B

Macaronii - Guitar - Alvarez acoustic/electric, Bass Guitar, Violin (electric and acoustic), Piano

Valnyr - Bass Guitar, Guitar

Silvaris - Tuba - St. Petersburg (5 valve, C), Cornet - Conn (Bb), Trombone - Bach (C, tenor), Alto Saxophone - Sky (red, Eb), Clarinet - Cornelio (blue. Bb soprano), Keyboard - Yamaha, Bass Guitar (Electric) - Silvertone
Drums - Vic Firth drumsticks

verathevix - Piano, Violin - Amati reconstruction, Messiah Stradivarius reconstruction, Baroque Violin, Viol, Accordion

Bloodshot_Eyes - Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano

sebkad - Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Piano

ursiphiliac - Violin, Cello, Viola, Double Bass

Python Blue - Piano

Faolan - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Violin, Harmonica, Bugle

Plantar - Electric Guitar - Yamaha with Seymour Duncan custom pickups, Acoustic Guitar - Montana, Ukulele, Keyboard

thaos627 - Electric Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Ocarina, Guitar

Kalvo - Bass guitar - Squier 5 string J-Bass, Ibanez Gio 6-String

DMAN14 - Alto Saxophone - SX90R Keilwerth in black nickle with a rousseau 4R/link 7* with an olegature, Yamaha 52, Clarinet - Schreiber limited edition (Buffet E11), Guitar - Ibanez artcore hollowbody

Flurra - French Horn, Mellophone, Ukelele

ESB1023 - Acoustic Guitar - Jasmine by Takamine S34C, Original handmade guitar, Electric Guitar - Squier Stratocaster, Epoch Les Paul, Laguna LE50, Keyboard - Yamaha, Korg, Bass Guitar

Ji-Ji - Electric guitar - Ibanez RG370DXL, Aria stgl modified, Wesley Les Paul Replica (Left handed), Electro-Acoutic guitar - Crafter Left handed, Bass Guitar, Keyboard - Yamaha, Drums - Alexis dm5 electric kit, Harmonica

Glitch - Clarinet - Selmer Bundy, Piano, Melodica - Hohner 37

TricksterF - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Tin Whistle, Flute, Ukelele, Drums, Xylophone, Triangle

Lomberdia - Double Ocarina - STL purple clay, Viola, Piano, Harp - Harpsicle's Sharpsicle with Reese Sharpening Levers

Sutekh_the_Destroyer - Drum kit, Piano

EloeElwe - Fretless Bass, Cello, String Bass, Violin, Banjo

Shaade - Guitar, Keyboard

Sweetheartz22 - Piano, Violin, French Horn, Mellophone, Drums, Trumpet, Flute, Xylophone, Saxophone, Ocarina

secretfur - Guitar, Tin Whistle, Violin

septango - Trumpet

SilverKhajiit - Flute

mrperson379 - Drums, Guitar

FenrirDarkWolf - Clarinet - Selmer Bundy, Bassoon - W Schreiber, Keyboard - Casio CTK-519, English Horn

Resham - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano

cause the rat - Electric Guitar - 1970's Aria Les Paul copy, 1980's JB Player Telecaster, 1980's Electric Working Man, Acoustic Guitar - 1976 Yamaha

Portia's #1 Fan - Bass Guitar - Peavey Frontier 5 string

RockerFox - Electric Guitar - Epiphone Legacy SG, Acoustic Guitar - Epiphone DR-100, Bass Guitar - Epiphone Thunderbird, Hofner Icon B-Bass HI Series, Drums - Ludwig Accent Kit, Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Congo Drums, Djembe, Marching cymbals, Concert Bass Drum, Woodblocks, Gong, Buckets

CyanCosine - Electric Guitar - Yamaha PAC112VMX, Bass Guitar

Kosdu - Electric Guitar, Acoustic-electric Guitar - Ibanez AS53 Red, Acoustic Guitar - Ventura Bruno V-10, Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar - Dean

Kitsune Cross - Bass Guitar - Black Ibanez 5 string, Midi Controller - Korg Microkey, Piano - Kawai ES4 (Digital)

LegitWaterfall - Keyboard

Icky - Marimba, Timpani, Drum kit, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Concert Snare Drum

Csiral - Guitar - Yamaha Pacifica, Piano, Bass Guitar, Synthesiser - Ultranova Novation

TobyDingo - Acoustic Guitar

Planet Swag - Keyboard, Keytar, Bass Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Ocarina, Kazoo

Rain-Wizard - Drums, Guitar

Kellan Meig'h - Electric Guitar - 1965 Gibson Barney Kessel, Fender Deluxe Player's Strat, Dean Thoroughbred Deluxe singlecut, Dean Boca 12 doublecut, Agile AL-3010SE w/P90's singlecut, vintage 60's Orlando 335-style hollowbody, Acoustic Guitar - Ibanez AEF30E singlecut, Mandolin - Ibanez M511SE acoustic/electric 'A' style, Early '60's Monkey Wards 'A' mandolin, Bass Guitar - '60's Sears Silvertone, Dean Acoustic/electric quilted ash 4 string, tenor banjo, tenor guitar

Saga - Mayonnaise

Sarcastic Coffeecup - Guitar, Piano

The Furry Phil - Trombone - Boosey and Hawkes

Dire Newt
- Electric Guitar - Ibanez RG321mh (with
Candy Apple Red finish)

Rouge Artist - Guitar -
Fender CD-60CE Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Trumpet, Harmonica

gangstaguru - Electric Guitar - Epiphone Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Acoustic Guitar - SX, Yamaha, Bass Guitar - Ashton, Keyboard - Casio, Drums - Sonor, Harmonica - Golden Cup

CoyoteCaliente - Acoustic/Electric guitar

Shoiyo - Guitar, Ocarina

Joberio - Flute, Piccolo

Kofi Adofo - Tuba -
Blessing 3/4 BBb, Sousaphone

Blissful.Oblivion - Violin - Yamaha, ​Piano

Lone Wolf 98 - Electric Guitar

Matt Conner - Guitar

wolfdog - Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Saxophone

Wyatt_Fox - Acoustic Guitar - Washburn (1995), Electric Guitar - Jazz Cort (2007), Tenor Banjo - Kay (1959), 5-string Banjo - Samick (1979), Piano, Mandolin

- Electric Guitar - Ibanez RG8L, Bass Guitar - Marlin Sidewinder

- Clarinet - Yamaha, Bass Clarinet - Yamaha

Braz - Bass Guitar - Peavey, Acoustic Guitar

- Bass Guitar - Peavey T-40 (1978 )

- Guitar

- Piano, Keyboard, Bass Guitar (4, 5 and 6-string), Guitar (Electric, Acoustic and Baritone; in 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12-string configurations), Drums, Violin, Cello, Viola

KAS3519 - Trumpet - Yamaha Xeno, Acoustic Guitar

Picea - Guitar, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Violin

Risia - Electric Guitar - Ibanez RG premium

soak - Trombone

Benji - Piano

LupusLuciferus - Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Accretion - Electric Guitar (6 and 7 string), Acoustic Guitar (6 and 12 string), Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Banjo, Bagpipes

Theralth - Piano/Keyboard - Korg SP-170, M-Audio Keyrig 49, Electric Guitar - Squier Strat

RabidLynx - Guitar, Piano, Flute

Astusthefox - Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Hachiro - Saxophone

BitFlourish - Gameboy

Foxsuke - Guitar - Yamaha, Xylophone, Drums

AsKi - Bass Guitar

shadowsinhiding - 12-hole Ocarina, Transverse Ocarina, Guitar, Piano

alpineedits - Acoustic Guitar - 1970's Ibanez Concord, Electric Guitar - Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet

Ayattar - Piano, Organ, Accordion - Weltmeister (120 bass, two channeled, black, wooden, 1985)

AKOthepanther - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Torrijos-sama - Piano, Percussion

- Alto Saxophone, Clarinet

Yonk - Piano

Sandor Coon
- Percussion, Piano, Organ - Wurlitzer

Skoda - Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

- Piano

Alpha_Wolph - Violin, Piano

Alexxx-Returns - Alto Saxophone, Guitar - Squier Strat, Ocarina

Baka94 - Piano - Yamaha P-35, Guitar - Epiphone Vintage G-400

Llamapotamus - French Horn, Mellophone

PurryFurry - Drums

Evan of Phrygia - Percussion, Saxophone

Flux3r - Bass Guitar - Fender Jazz Bass Vintage Series, Fender P-Bass, Trombone

lefurr - Bass Guitar - Ibanez SGDR 5-string

- Violin, Viola, Guitar, Saxophone

- Harmonica

grigs - Electric Guitar -
Gibson Les Paul Custom '91, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar - Warwick RockBass, Piano

Fermata - Piano, Guitar, Flute

MonochromaticMelody - Piano

Hachiro - Clarinet, Saxophone

Dog-likeDenis - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

BlueMist_Shenara - Saxophone, Clarinet - Buffet R13, Ukulele - Lanakai Tenor, Les Paul Epiphone Concert, Piano

Snakebite - Clarinet, Oboe, Piano

Safiel - Drums, Trombone, Bass Guitar

Treble - Ocarina

BobTheZombie - Drums

Kinharia - Bass Guitar

Darazu - Bagpipes, Ocarina, Guitar, Harp

Vladimir Balthiel Crowe - Piano, Violin, Drums

N30Nphoenix - Euphonium, Trumpet, Piano

-Sliqq- - Piano

MaximizedGamer - Viola, Guitar

- Bass Guitar, Piano

Pinky - Recorder, Guitar

Dance Magic - Djembe, Double-sided Cajon, Chimes, Glockenspiel

Maugryph - Trumpet, Keyboard, Guitar

missprint - Various string instruments
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Re: What instruments do you play?

Acoustic violin - https://twitter.com/Raptros155/status/276418347179053057/photo/1 - Stentor Conservitoire (sp?)
Electric violin - http://i946.photobucket.com/albums/ad303/Raptros155/IMG_0091_zps3562d599.jpg - Yamaha "Silent String"
Clarinet - Yamaha (don't know which model....)
Bass Clarinet
Descant Recorder - Altos
Treble/Alto Recorder
Tenor Recorder
Piano - Only a keyboard, though I do play the yamaha baby grand that my school has.


Also I approve your atempt to revive this sub-forum. I'll help if you need (just PM).

Kit H. Ruppell

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Re: What instruments do you play?

Baglama (Turkish lute)
There are different sizes; mine's about 38" pretty much like this one
Note that I don't play 'officially', because there's nobody to teach me and I just like the instrument. I try to pick up on what I can, though :)


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Re: What instruments do you play?

Electric guitar - Custom Carvin DC800 8-string, Schecter C-1 Elite 6-string
Acoustic guitar - I borrow my dad's Taylors from time to time
Violin - Some beginners violin by Strunal
Piano and bass occasionally, but I want to focus on guitar and violin for now


Re: What instruments do you play?

Piano - Knabe baby grand (from around 1920-1930) (I also have a 1950 Kohler and Cambell)
Trumpet - Silver R.S. Berkley
Alto Sax - Some Julius Keilwerth


Sophisticated Snake
Re: What instruments do you play?

Tuba / Baritone. Not sure which model, it's been some 5 years since I've last played. I still remember a bit though.


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Re: What instruments do you play?

Acoustic guitar, I dont what brand

Also played a some flute in high school
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Re: What instruments do you play?

I play the flute and xylophone.
The Flute is a Yamaha brand, not sure which one but it's the type with the finger holes. The xylophone I played in band but I do have a yamaha keyboard as well.


Re: What instruments do you play?

I have a guitar, and occasionally play with it. Really should put more effort into it, I'd love to write a few songs someday. I've got a Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster, it's actually really nice, the only thing separating it from a Fender is the name and country of origin.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Re: What instruments do you play?

I play the flute and xylophone.
The Flute is a Yamaha brand, not sure which one but it's the type with the finger holes.
There are a lot of flutes with finger holes; actually most flutes other than the Western orchestral transverse varieties have finger holes. But since yours is made by a well-known company, I'm guessing you have a recorder until I get more information. Do you blow into the end of it like a whistle, or across a hole?
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Re: What instruments do you play?

I play the french horn! I use a Conn, though I'm not quite sure what the precise model is, unfortunately.


Re: What instruments do you play?

There are a lot of flutes with finger holes; actually most flutes other than the Western orchestral transverse varieties have finger holes. But since yours is made by a well-known company, I'm guessing you have a recorder until I get more information. Do you blow into the end of it like a whistle, or across a hole?
I think I know what a god damned flute is.

Kit H. Ruppell

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Re: What instruments do you play?

I think I know what a god damned flute is.
Well maybe I don't :V
Can you find a picture of this mystery instrument, perhaps?

Kit H. Ruppell

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Re: What instruments do you play?

It's not a mystery instrument. It's a god damned open-holed flute.
Sounds much nicer to work with than the keyed ones :-D
If only I could find a clarinet made the same way.
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Re: What instruments do you play?

I used to think not until I used one that wasn't but the brand was different so I don't know how that factored in it. It was a Gemeinhardt and I've heard good things about it but it just didn't....feel right. I'd try one with the same brand but I don't have that much money to blow.


Re: What instruments do you play?

I want to play bass guitar because it is the most important yet overlooked instrument in any song.

First, in the soundtrack of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for you video game lovers.

Then, Driven by Rush, which has a bass guitar solo in it.

Then, "For the Love of Money" by the O'Jays, in which the bass guitar provides one of soul's most well-known riffs.

Rivers Bluetail

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Re: What instruments do you play?

I play most of your run of the mill instruments. I'm a guitarist, but I'm somewhat proficient with the drums and bass. I really want to learn how to play the steel drums though, they sound AMAZING.

As for guitars, I usually play my Gibson SG or my Strat, but I'm building a Jag right now. Should be done sometime this month. Sometimes I get to use a '72 Gibson LP or a Tele, but I don't own those two. My amp is nothing impressive, it's a Fender XD Vintage modified tube amp. Would get a Dual Rectifier, but I have no moneez ;-; For basses, I use a fender 5 string Jazz bass, and I have a set of CB drums. Not awesome, but good enough to practice on. I'm kinda a music person ^^;


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Re: What instruments do you play?

@Aleu, I stopped trying flute a long tome ago so I ask you, do you think the acoustics are better on a wooden or metal flute, I can imagine they sound pretty differant but I dont really know which one is better.


Re: What instruments do you play?

Depends on the person playing it really. I've only played metal flute because of band. Flutes are pretty versatile. You can play some Metallica with them and even beatbox with a flute.


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Re: What instruments do you play?

5 string bass is best bass!

My friend has one and it's pretty great, especially for instrumental pieces. He plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on it.

Pftttt.... Everyone knows that clarinet is the ultimate metal instrument.

Can't be true metal when it's not entirely made of metal :V At least flutes have an edge on that.