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What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)


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I have too many instruments that I won't list them all here, but I'll list my current setup:
Guitar (Electric):
Ibanez JEM 7V, using Line 6 Spider IV amplifier, FB MII shortboard, green Star Pick/Tortex pick, Ernie Ball Paradigm.
Guitar (Acoustic):
Yamaha SLG (Tuned a half-step down) Setup same as above.

MusicMan StingRay 5, using Crate amplifier.

Casio WK-6500


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So, I was thinking of starting an updated list of what instruments people play as well as what specific model of instrument they use. (Especially for guitarists and keyboard players, etc.)
For example, someone might post:

Benji - Piano

LupusLuciferus - Bass Guitar, Keyboard

Accretion - Electric Guitar (6 and 7 string), Acoustic Guitar (6 and 12 string), Bass Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Banjo, Bagpipes

Theralth - Piano/Keyboard - Korg SP-170, M-Audio Keyrig 49, Electric Guitar - Squier Strat

RabidLynx - Guitar, Piano, Flute

Astusthefox - Acoustic Guitar, Piano

Hachiro - Saxophone

BitFlourish - Gameboy

Foxsuke - Guitar - Yamaha, Xylophone, Drums

AsKi - Bass Guitar

shadowsinhiding - 12-hole Ocarina, Transverse Ocarina, Guitar, Piano

alpineedits - Acoustic Guitar - 1970's Ibanez Concord, Electric Guitar - Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet

Ayattar - Piano, Organ, Accordion - Weltmeister (120 bass, two channeled, black, wooden, 1985)

AKOthepanther - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums

Torrijos-sama - Piano, Percussion

StreekerTheCheetah - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet

Yonk - Piano

Sandor Coon - Percussion, Piano, Organ - Wurlitzer

Skoda - Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

jtrekkie - Piano

Alpha_Wolph - Violin, Piano

Alexxx-Returns - Alto Saxophone, Guitar - Squier Strat, Ocarina

Baka94 - Piano - Yamaha P-35, Guitar - Epiphone Vintage G-400

Llamapotamus - French Horn, Mellophone

PurryFurry - Drums

Evan of Phrygia - Percussion, Saxophone

Flux3r - Bass Guitar - Fender Jazz Bass Vintage Series, Fender P-Bass, Trombone

lefurr - Bass Guitar - Ibanez SGDR 5-string
Thel - Violin, Viola, Guitar, Saxophone

KorinKun - Harmonica

grigs - Electric Guitar -
Gibson Les Paul Custom '91, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar - Warwick RockBass, Piano

Fermata - Piano, Guitar, Flute

MonochromaticMelody - Piano

Hachiro - Clarinet, Saxophone

Dog-likeDenis - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

BlueMist_Shenara - Saxophone, Clarinet - Buffet R13, Ukulele - Lanakai Tenor, Les Paul Epiphone Concert, Piano

Snakebite - Clarinet, Oboe, Piano

Safiel - Drums, Trombone, Bass Guitar

Treble - Ocarina

BobTheZombie - Drums

Kinharia - Bass Guitar

Darazu - Bagpipes, Ocarina, Guitar, Harp

Vladimir Balthiel Crowe - Piano, Violin, Drums

N30Nphoenix - Euphonium, Trumpet, Piano

-Sliqq- - Piano

MaximizedGamer - Viola, Guitar

Algorithm-Dude - Bass Guitar, Piano

Pinky - Recorder, Guitar

Dance Magic - Djembe, Double-sided Cajon, Chimes, Glockenspiel

Maugryph - Trumpet, Keyboard, Guitar

missprint - Various string instruments

I play guitar, bass and just started piano
I own a Fender Squier affinity Strat ( which im currently rebuilding with new neck, pickups and other hardware), and a Gibson SG 2017 Special and a Yamaha EZ-220


At the moment I only play piano. I used to play guitar as well, but that kinda died eventually. I'd still like to play but I have no motivation to do so.


I know how to play the trumpet and a little bit of the guitar

A Lurker at the Threshold

The violin and a little acoustic guitar, also the mouth harp but I don't really count that.


Drums! And a lot of them. Double bass Tama with tons of cymbals. I am also learning bass and can play a little violin. I can play timpani very well. And lastly vocals.

Dat Wolf

i used to play the baritone in the band, then i switched schools, so now i play the piano


I don’t use this site anymore
My main instrument of choice is the violin, which I have been playing for about 9 years. I also play the piano and, if it counts, I sing.

The Matte-Black Cat

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I play an all matte black electric guitar and a dark matte red Spanish guitar.

...in my mind when I pop on Spotify..


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I'm a semi-professional bass player. I formerly had a Shen 3/4 scale upright and a German bow of unknown origin for double bass stuff, now all i've got is a 1977 Alembic Series 1 short scale, and a 64' Reissue Fender Jazz both consistently strung with Dunlop Super-Bright steel rounds. I usually play through a Gallien-Krueger MB800 head through a 115 RBH cabinet with a SansAmp RPM and an MXR Studio Compressor in the front of the signal path. Every once in a while i'll use chorus, octave, and distortion, but I mostly prefer a clean, high-fidelity, piano-like tone. Sometimes I double with rhythm guitar, in which case I use a 1986 54' Stratocaster Reissue through a 74 Fender Twin Silverface Reverb (Which also acts as a second, treble amp if I use the Alembic bass's stereo capability). If you can't tell, i'm quite the gearhead.
I play the flute, a Jupiter something-or-other. The flute. Is. My. Life. I never stop playing LoZ and various other game OST, because that's just what I'm into. I have done grade 8, and it's amazing to just pick up my flute and dish out whatever OST I want to, even one's I've never tried to play or learn before


aka Cutter Cat
I used to pick 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, and mandolin, but I lost my left index finger in an accident and don't play anymore.