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What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

Kit H. Ruppell

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I'm about to have an antique Afghan tambur made 70 years ago. They're really hard to find since the Taliban destroyed most musical instruments when they came to power.


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I've tried to play lots of different instruments over the years, but my voice is the only tried and tested one that I'm happy with. And yes, voice is an instrument.


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I’m a boring old pianist.

Although, supposedly I was weird as I started playing at 20 as I did not enjoy music as a child. I’ve been playing’ for around 16 years and still have lessons!

I’m just about to start my ABRSM grade 4 this year on the new syllabus. Considering I have massive performance anxiety, that should be absolutely terrifying.

Monosuki the Aurian

Kyu the Braixen
I play multiple things from what I know. The first is Trumpet, which I've been playing since middle school. Second is the Trombone, also middle school. Third is the French Horn, fourth is the Mellophone, (A French Horn of the sorts, but made for marching bands), and last but not least, the piano, possibly my favorite of them all.


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Been years since I touched an instrument but have played a few.

Played cello for 12yrs. At my best I was part of my highschool's orchestra, chamber orchestra, and pit orchestra for the theatre department's plays.

I played bass guitar for several years and piano for 2.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
My Afghan Tambur has finally arrived!


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If we're excluding singing, which I do reasonably well (enough to win a prize at a Karaoke contest twice), then I play the following, ranked from professionally to can get basic melodies out:

- Bassoon / Contrabassoon
- Oboe / Cor Anglais
- Bagpipes
- Saxophone
- Clarinet / Bass Clarinet


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I play several things but I don't know how to list them all!

Electric guitar: Epiphone E-Series Basher
Westone Dimension IV
Squier Bullet
S101 knockoff strat (this is actually one of my most used, did a bunch of mods to it myself, including rolling the fret edges)
Laguna, a guitar I don't know too much about, with custom pickups installed. Can't find a model.
FLYING, some cheap chinese guitar with a licensed Floyd Rose system (I'm thinking about gutting it, filling the wood and replacing it with a standard stopbar tailpiece like on my Basher, I really hate the Floyd Rose system.)

Acoustic Guitar: Montana branded acoustic (can't find a lot of information)
A Fender acoustic-electric that I always have in a hard case
Yamage FG-75
Fretlight 400-S (I honestly can't read it, it's half worn away)

Bass: Some junky First Act I picked up for $20 at a pawn store that gets the job done
An unbranded Telecaster-looking short-scale bass

I know even less about these ones --
Banjo: Harmony Reso-tone from the 60's
Mandolin: Rogue ... Not sure on the model number, but it's for sale for $50 or so everywhere
Ukulele: Unbranded

What I'm buying if they're still at the pawn shop when I go next week: A tobacco burst Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and if that's not there, an Epiphone SG Studio, and if that's not there, a Dean 5 string bass that has been there for months.


I play pretty good keyboard and very bad guitar. My keyboard's a casio but I use it as a midi controller for VSTs most of the time.

If you're into synthesizers, check out VCV Rack. Its a free, open-source modular synth emulator that I absolutely love.
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I play meh electric bass and very meh piano! :)
I do however, love playing with synthesizers and all that fun stuff.


Music is a side thing for me as I'm not focused on it but I kind of play Spanish guitar and kalimba! learning on both of these. I also got an harmonica, which I hope to learn to play soon too


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Bass guitar oh yeah
Don’t get me playing my Ramones I won’t stop
Maybe for a lil janes addiction


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I play at wildly varying levels of skill:
Tin/Penny Whistle

Harp is my main instrument though and the only one I'd say I'm any decent at.

Kit H. Ruppell

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I had a custom sitar based on my borb sona made, and it looks and sounds awesome!


I saw someone else say it, and I think it fit me too. My vocals are the only instrument that’s somewhat decent that I got heh