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What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

Sam Wamm

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various bassoons


kleptomaniac for knowledge
I have and can play euphonium, I can read tab on guitar and some movements like hammer on's. I can read sheet music so also piano and xylophone, and finally I know how to play a chanter but can't read bagpipe music without outside help.

Stray Cat Terry

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Wow that's quite a list of musician furz there! Impressive! OwO

But I personally think it'd be easier to make it listed alphabetically for the ease of searching for who you want! >p<

And now that I've seen the list a bit... I suppose the lips whistle won't count, yeah? I can play it nonstop inhaling and exhaling til the finish of a song.... Ah nevermind!

This thread intrigued me simply because I do composing via digital composing apps.. The file is midi! >w< Shame I never stick to a solid playable instrument...

Kit H. Ruppell

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In addition to learning sitar and dilruba, I'll be picking up sarod soon.


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Does it count if I'm a lead singer? Is that an instrument? I can kinda play guitar as well

Asher the Panther

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I'm a percussionist, but specifically I specialize in drum-set, marching snare, and accessory percussion (for musicals).
I have also sung but I'm not fond of being a tenor so, yeah...

Deleted member 159133

Re: What instruments do you play?

I like to play piano in my leisure time. Most of the time I play classic and melodies.
yeah i also played like the piano at my grandparents house i mean if i can actually i will post like the pitcure of this piano i mean looks so classy and old, my grandparents say that this was a very old piano that came from more mpre older family its like 100 years old but still works good tho.

i wanted to reply to this demensa but the error came up saying that make the post has to less tha 100000 letters in it xd ye

Edit: checking for grammar mistakes.


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Acoustic Guitar physically... but anything digitally


Resident Edgelord
I haven’t played an instrument in years, but I used to be decent at ukulele and I want to pick up acoustic guitar and violin again!


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
I am learning how to play the lyre in free time. I couldn't get a harp too big atm. :c