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What instruments do you play? (OFFICIAL)

I can play flute an am pretty good, I am learning how to beatbox with it now


I can play the drums (I'm pretty good, too) and some guitar. I can pick up a guitar and just start teaching myself songs just by playing around. So far I can play some Interpol, Song 2 by Blur, Knights of Cydonia by Muse and some scraps of other songs. I know it's kinda lame, but I learned how to play the drums from Rockband (+Pro Cymbals).


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Why did I, a musician, not notice this before? :O

Anyways, I play Clarinet for my school's marching band, and I've recently learned Bassoon for my school's concert band.
...Does no one else play Bassoon but me?


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Guitar and bass. And some piano. I can't sing but I do it anyway. Or I just scream into a mic. About the same thing when it comes to me.
I play guitar. Own a set of drums and a violin.

Have two 1970's Aria Les Paul copies. These are THE lawsuit guitars Gibson sued over.
One early 80's JB Player Telecaster.
One early 80's Electra Working Man.
One 1976 Yamaha acoustic.

A small all tube mid 90's Fender Champ amp.
A single 12 Marshall Vs100R.

My favorite fuzz boxes, Mesa Boogie Vtwin, Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret, Vox Big Ben Overdrive. I have an Ibenez TS9DX. But only use that before an Elecrovoce POG2. Makes for great old rock organ sounds.

The violin is what's known as a VSO or 'violin shaped object'. But that's OK because I can't play it.

I have a set of Slingerland Spitfire drums. Can't play them either.

Got all the stuff to put one together but never have had the time. Would LOVE to make a cigar box guitar.

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I play electric bass. I like to play doom/death metal most of the time. Occasionally, I will throw in some faster death/thrash metal stuff and grindcore just to mix things up a bit. I always use a distorted tone just because I always liked that sound. I use a Peavey Frontier 5 string bass, a Bass Big Muff and a Fender Rumble 30 amplifier. I had a 150 Peavey amp a long time ago but I sold it once I moved to an apartment since I couldn't play the thing past "1" without getting the cops called on me everyday. LOL


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Re: What instruments do you play?

Electric guitar: Epiphone Legacy SG; Acoustic guitar: Epiphone DR-100; Electric bass: Epiphone Thunderbird; Drums: Ludwig Accent kit; Marimba; Xylophone; Vibraphone; Conga Drums; Djembe; Marching Cymbals; Concert Bass Drum; Woodblocks; Gong; Buckets; and that's about it


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Electric guitar, Yamaha PAC112VMX.
I also play an electric bass that a relative left in my basement, though I have no idea what model it is.


Alright, despite on doing depressive drama on this forum, I'll list my stuff. I guess I'm kept from actually writing stuff due to complete aversion to music theory in general, but phsyically I can play, to a degree:

Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar: Ibanez AS53 Red
Acoustic Guitar: Ventura Bruno V-10
Electric Guitar: Some cheap one from an amazon starting kit, but it is now a slide guitar
??????? Guitar: Custom one from a friend, needs work
Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar: Dean Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0002CZZNI/ref=redir_mdp_mobile freakin huge

I wasted my money on a crappy bass guitar amp that the guitar shop sold marked up even though it was used, what a ripoff. I now have it on craigslist >.<

Also I looked up stuff on the bass and seems easy to play and create basslines, the hard part is the rythym. So I guess if I was in a band I'd play rythym guitar or bass due to lack of knowledge elsewhere.


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Finally got a new keyboard! A Yamaha NP-31. It's not a full 88-key but otherwise it's weighted, graded and can be used with a sustain pedal (which I also ordered). Now it should feel a little closer to a real piano :D


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The computer. As a side lesson, I do the keyboard.


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In order of proficiency/enjoyability:

Drum Kit
Concert Snare Drum
[Other auxiliary stuff]


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Re: What instruments do you play?

I play guitar - I have a Yamaha Pacifica. I also play piano, bass guitar, synths (a lovely Ultranova Novation) to a good level and a variety of other things to a basic level.


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I play a little acoustic guitar now and then. I use a MIDI keyboard now and then for programming bass lines etc. if that counts. And I DJ, Technically speaking, decks aren't really an instrument I guess but I'd class scratching as halfway there.

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I got a 'Designer Rabab' from Kaayna Musicals shipped from India within the past few months. I had wanted to buy the traditional Afghan Rubab for a variety of reasons (particularly sound), but saving up $500+ for an instrument I can't find proper instruction for was not my cup of tea.
So, for $270, I got an Indian-made version with a much more subdued tone.
Afghani Rubab
Kaayna's Designer Rabab

Planet Swag

Keyboard, keytar, bass flute, piccolo flute, recorder, ocarina, and kazoo.
I can also play Taps with the beeps on my cell phone, if that counts..


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I played the drums for about 4 years, 2 of which were in a band. After leaving that and getting rid of my kit, i switched to guitar about 18 months ago.

And i'd love an ocarina.

Kellan Meig'h

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After over 40 years of torturing my loved ones with my playing and being tortured by new students with their playing . . .

Guitars, electric: 1965 Gibson Barney Kessel jazz box with flatwounds, Fender Deluxe Player's Strat, Dean Thoroughbred Deluxe singlecut, Dean Boca 12 doublecut, Agile AL-3010SE w/P90's singlecut, vintage 60's Orlando 335-style hollowbody (major hotrodding done to it).

Guitars, acoustic; Ibanez AEF30E singlecut.

Mandolins; Ibanez M511SE acoustic/electric 'A' style (hard to find - solid spruce top), Old early '60's Monkey Wards 'A' mandolin (very loud!)

Bass Guitars; '60's Sears Silvertone (totally hot-rodded), Dean Acoustic/electric quilted ash 4 string.

I can play tenor banjo or tenor guitar, 5 string banjo some, I'm a hack on a portable keyboard. Currently looking for a slide guitar of some sort, tenor guitar, tenor banjo and a bouzouki to add to my arsenal.



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Got specifics on my instruments:
Clarinet- Selmer Bundy
Bassoon- W. Schreiber
Keyboard- Casio CTK-519

I realized I'm one of the few people listed on here that can't play a string instrument. ;w;