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What is found under your bed


Lemme check (Holds Breath)

Alright, there is.........
4-H Ribbons
A dead laptop
A hat or two
A pillow
empty pudding cups
Notebooks filled with old sketches and doodles
And a calico, angry cat.


Neo is OP
Hey look necro- o wait that revision to the rules.
Ok, here goes-
•Broken Five-Seven
•A box of useless shit
•Video game boxes. Lots of video game boxes.
•single stray tabletop figure
•GoW3 Poster
•MW2 Poster
•MW3 poster
•CoD:BO Poster
•CoD: WaW Poster
•My god I have so much CoD Merc
•Dead Space 2 Heavy Pulse Rifle Replica
•Gears of War 3 Retro Lancer Replica

And that's about it.


drunken pirate
my gun, a load of ps1 games, a spare cylinder head for my truck, a spare camshaft also for said truck, a bottle of vodka and some old books

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Dust and misc stuff
Probably some clothes that slipped under there. There's not a lot of room so I can't really store stuff. Plus we just moved into this apartment 2 months ago so I haven't really had THAT much time to make the place my own. I've been at work than I have at home.

Traven V

Jezz, not a lot, a box of toys, some clothing container, maybe a can or two (I don't think anymore), some books I forgot to return to college last semester and ?. I think that's all really.


New Member
Several of those "Space saver" bags with other family members clothing in, Laptop lap desk thing, dog squeaky toy, pellet gun and pellets, and my laptop when I'm not using it.


There's a gun under there. But there are also ammo boxes, protective glasses and a set of ear protection. It's for target shooting, not hustling.

House centipede cemetery.

You just sent an actual shiver down my spine. I wouldn't be able to live there if there were house centipedes in my bedroom with any regularity. Things creep me the fuck out.
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6150 rpm and spinning.
.357 revolver, revolver speed loader, a couple books, a wolf plush, my fedora (8D been looking for that...), xbox steering wheel pedals.

EDIT: further excavation has uncovered and ancient humidifier, a box of shotgun shells, a backpack, my husband's brother's missing brake pads for his Tahoe. XD
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The Last of Us.
I sleep on a modified bunk bed, i sleep on the top, below is a giant shelf with my Bearded dragon, my deaths head roaches, my dead leaf mantids, my rhino roaches, a couple of my whip scorpions, a few stick insects, my water assassin bugs, grasshopper and stick insect incubators, my tarantula, and my pair of stag beetles. Thats not even half my collection.


Angry Otter
Cats. And cat hair. And dog treats that the cats have dragged under the bed and abandoned there.

Fucking cats. >_>


New Member
I did a total overhaul cleaning of my room lately so, there's nothing under my bed anymore. It's a nice feeling :>

Echo Wolf

Active Member
Two boxes of surgical gloves, 3 containers of crappy plastic bbs, a crappy plastic shotgun, pistol holster, an electronic piano, rail system for an m14, and probably enough paper to stock a fricken Staples store. Nothing out of the ordinary there...