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What is it called when a character is anthro and ferial?


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Like a character that can walk on two legs, use their hands, talk but also walks on all fours when the need arises, or climbs trees or plays with random balls of yarn? I've seen some supposed anthro characters running on all fours. Rocket Racoon, Timon (in the animated version), Chipmunks (CGI/live action version). My fursona is kind of a cross between a ferial and an anthro. She can walk on two legs but also walks on all four if she's not using her front paws. She has a full time job as a veterinarian (she treats both anthros, ferials, in betweens, and the occasional human) But is there a term for this type of character that isn't fully anthro and isn't fully ferial. Some people say anthro can include animals that are basically ferial but can talk...even if it's just to other animals.


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I guess I'd call them 'hybrid stance' if I wanted a specific term.
Like most werewolves. They run on all fours and maybe walk hunched over, but they can use their hand-paws and stand straight if they want to.


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i have heard semi anthro being used, bit its not a perfect term


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My ferret fursona varies a lot in my imagination. Sometimes she's a feral animal and no bigger than a normal ferret, walks like a ferret, etc. Other times I think of her as human sized and anthropomorphic, but mostly I like to think of her as being a bit like Rocket Raccoon. Smaller than most humans and can walk on all fours or bipedal as the mood takes her.

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"Beastial" is a term I've heard as sort of an in between. Games and anime use it a lot. Probably a bit too close for comfort for many though.


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Mine goes back and forth, he started out more anthro, but sometimes finds it easier to go on all fours. I still refer to it as anthro, though, because he can and does walk as a biped and can use his front paws as hands.


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Perhaps there is not a specific name for this.

The word 'anthro[pomorphic]' just means 'human-like'. A pebble with googly eyes on it has been anthropomorphised.


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An antho character with an animalistic mind would be a lycanthrope I suppose.
While an intelligent Feral like the Lion King characters of exemple would be conciddered as anthroposane.


I use the tag "semianthro" when it feels like they are a bit more biped, this term is standard on a lot of furry sites as far as I've seen it been used. Though, I see any animal that is even slightly anthropomorphised is still technically anthropomorphised.
Anthro is more adopted for very humanoid bipedal anthropomorphised characters. While feral is used more for quadrupedal but not all animals are bipedal so some species might be seen as more semianthro ambiguous as well as also feral. Anthropomorphism is a spectrum when it comes to visuals, as all the way from feral to 100% human appearance is anthropomorphic (I include 100% human because like with Greek gods, a 100% human appearance is when depicting an animal, concept or force as a human).

I personally like to draw ferals with some sense of anthropomorphic carriage, like it feels like more anthro at the neck and eyes. I like it when it feels like if they stood up or posed in certain positions that they would seem like they are fluidly semianthro and feral. A lot of feral artist do this, especially toon-style and were-style ones. I see people using "realistic/natural feral" to refer to the more animal-like overall. I tend to separate beast from feral. Beast-style is when they're solely animal characters by lore (non-sapient or can't talk) and they're even more beastly and less human-like than they would even be in real life. The anthro types, beast-man and werewolves are a different thing to beast, though I feel these words are getting more and more outdated. I've noticed more and more beast fans borrowing the term "feral", misrepresenting it as something entirely non-anthropomorphic and I don't consider beast-style as furry characters, while ferals are. I mention this because the point at which something is semianthro is more down to appearance, while feral is always subtly anthropomorphic (think Disney's Bambi/TLK/etc). Feral can be also semianthro or not as it's a bit of grey area as it depends on how mutative the style/character is. The word "feral" can also apply to anthros, too, but in a different sense (in this sense it refers to a sort of wild personality).