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What is one thing you learned from the furry community?


GTWT Survivor
1.) You can always find a new friend.
2.) You can always find something worse.
3.) Content filters are your friend.


I will deliver the explosion
I've learned to be way more open-minded than I thought possible. I've always been fairly open minded but being in the community taught me to do that more. It also enhanced my bullshit detector and taught me to speak up when someone is pissing me off and not just sit on it. I've also learned that being blunt like I feel, but polite, gets me a lot further than spewing a lot of bullshit to spare people's feelings [which rarely actually does much good.]


Well Known Foxxo
Everybody is a freak

Sergei Nóhomo

Spicey Memes
Prime meat for the pickings. So easy to bother and keep the fire stoked. A lot of the people are so oblivious to it that even when I directly state what I'm doing and how they can make it stop, they completely ignored it and continued to act like a victim despite being told. Even the bystanders couldn't believe it.

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Furries learned me

Maximus B. Panda

The Red Menace
One thing i learned from the furry community, everybody is a hermaphrodite.
What I've learned....

Nobody will respect you if you are not a porn artist, a fursuiter, or someone that meets just about every damn furry stereotype.

Also, I've learned that joking around in any fandom site gets you hated by everyone, and attacked by the admins (That's right, I know from experience).


screams loudly at everyone in this fandom
i learned how to accept myself for who i am
and also that everything is fucking wet at furry conventions don't touch anything