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What is the backstory of your fursona


Vick too clever for his own good
basically what is his story. what are it's accomplishment. you can talk about the purpose of life or his work, his personality, his alignment.
post pictures if you want.
you can even write scenes.

I'm working on mine and I feel like reading something else so.
but don't forget it's pegi 13


Scara is on her honeymoon; Currently Ronin
Long ago, in one of the many universes, overpopulation had become a major problem, therefore all girls were put to death or aborted. Ronin's birth mom hid from the government until she was born, but a few days afterward the soldiers found her and killed the mom. Thankfully the un-named (I think I'm going to try to make this the main God) had pity on Ronin (Whose real name is Lexie) and brought her to the realm of immortals and trained her to serve and help others. Some of the warrior's gods taught her how to fight in case she ever needed it. Eventually, the multiverse became unstable and the realm of the immortals was about to be cut off from the rest, so the Un-Named sent Lexie (Ronin) back to her own universe.

However, when she landed there the whole killing of the girls was still going on so she was hunted for days. She eventually grew tired of running and fought about 300 soldiers and defeat them but almost died afterward. With this near-death experience, she learned that the UnNamed had given her magical abilities and she spent years learning how to control them.
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I love you all <3 We had a good run

I write my sona, Natani Arcwright, into a lot of stuff but I have a main world for him, called Ramoth.
Geographic details are hazy as I have yet to make a map. The current Ramoth is a conglomerate of things taken from various scrapped worlds of mine and needs cleaning up
In Ramoth, Natani is prince of the kingdom of Altrovar (his elder brother Valentine is the king). While the king technically has absolute power, Altrovar's royal family is very informal and tends to let administration be taken care of by a Council of Overseers, some of who are elected and some appointed. The kingdom is located off in the northwest up against a massive mountain range called the Greater Range. The kingdom is separated into territories which bow to the authority of the throne and council, but are allowed a measure of self government. These include Lesser Altrovar (the part of the kingdom located within the Greater Range, where the capital, Ivdel, is located), Talovar (comprising the foothills and flat grasslands below the Greater Range, extremely fertile from the runoff from the perpetually rainy mountains), Mertoke (a coastal territory to the south east), Telethen (a large island roughly the size of Ireland off the coast of Mertoke), Skyend (a network of fertile floating islands and desert terrain far to the west, not adjacent to any other Altrovarian territory), among others. Altrovar is technically the largest kingdom, but with how the territory system works it is more a unified group of territories than a single kingdom. There are also various towns owned by Altrovar that are located in unclaimed land, acting as waystops for travelers. These include Trost (on the shores of the southern ocean), Rala (at an oasis in the desert, mainly a waystop on the road to Skyend), among others.
Atrovar is known for its dominance of trade and support of merchants of all types. Altrovarian currency is accepted in most kingdoms. The Altrovarian royal family also runs a group called the Adventurer's Registry, an organization that offers explorers and mercenaries contracts and missions.
As I mentioned above, the Altrovarian royal family is very informal. Natani himself has worked as an airship mechanic in various airshipyards in Lesser Altrovar. Nat's favourite thing to do however is to explore and head out on adventures with a team of friends. That main group includes his boyfriend Stang (my bf's sona), Jennifer Morey (a cocky privateer from Telethen and Nat's mentor), Morag Atkinson (a mage who casts spells using music, and my second sona), and many others who would make this post wayyy longer if I mentioned them all.
Natani has fire magic too

this is too long lol
I'm gonna stop now


A fox named Ridley
So, I've partially abandoned Ridley's backstory, partly because he's changed to more of a personal avatar. But I still have some bits laid out.
He is a mix of a kitsune and an ordinary red fox. His conception was something of an accident; the result of his biological mother experimenting with exotic magic.
To hide the whole affair from other kitsune, she left him with a human family who owed her a favor. In his immediate adopted family, he has a father, a mother, a brother who is about a year older, and a sister who is six years younger. His extended family includes a great aunt, something of a family matriarch, who does not know Ridley is a fox because he shapeshifts to human form when she is around. She would not be happy to find that a member of her family isn't human. Ridley doesn't have formal employment at the time, because it's a bit hard when you can't hold human form for very long. He does some apprenticing under a local wizard and can enchant items with decorative illusions to sell.
The larger setting is a vast, interconnected multiverse called the Conglomeration (a setting for my other OCs as well), made up of many universes with worlds of varying levels of magic and technology. The country he lives in, called Avona, is an odd mixture of medieval/renaissance and steampunk. It had previously been a much more low-tech place, but came into a trade alliance with a country in a more steampunk world, which actually helped Avona rebuild after an earthquake ravaged the capital city about 50 years ago. Avona itself is a fantasy setting; it is mostly a country of humans with an elf minority. Magical beings such as unicorns and dragons are present within the lands, but they don't usually participate in human society and generally stick to areas with a sparse human population.


Eternally Confused Feline
Stephanie doesn't have much of a backstory, since I use her mostly just as an avatar. She grew up in a middle class home, did a degree in literature, and became a writer.

Iza was born in a poor fishing village, but she was taken by slavers in a raid, when she was young. After spending a few years in captivity, learning to sneak her way around her captors, she escaped. She spent some time on the streets, stealing food to get by, before being adopted into a local criminal organistation.

Constantine grew up in a heavily nationalist area, leading to him joining the Navy out of patriotism. By the age of 50, he had reached a respectable position within it, but the outbreak of a civil war led to the most active campaign of his life. Constantine was charismatic, witty, and dashing prior to this, but as it became apparent the nation he supported was crumbling, his sanity declined rapidly. Coming out of the other side of the war, he, with the support of his crew, decided to go rogue, raiding the coasts for supplies and slave labour (Iza was his doing). At his current age of 72, his intelligence is barely above that of an actual Hyena, and his body is heavily scarred from battle.

Zalifa grew up in the developing world, and expressed an interest in the arts from a young age. During high school, due to a chance meet, they were discovered and funded to produce a few experimental songs. Due to their outsider viewpoint and unique style, their musical career took off from there, and Zalifa all but forgot their friends and family back home, sinking into celebrity decadence.

Ozzie's parents were new money - his father wasn't a smart man, but he made some lucky investments prior to the Civil War mentioned in Constantine's summary. As he engaged with the poverty-stricken world around him, Ozzie became disheartened, seeing his wealth, and the imposing strength that came with his species, as more of a detriment to his ability to genuinely relate to people and make friends. He fashioned a muzzle out of scrap metal, to make himself appear more approachable. His family thinks he's weird, and depressive.

Victoria is the youngest member of an old aristocratic lineage, that was stripped of their wealth after supporting the old government. Whilst she originally intended to work in academia, Victoria, now unable to enter higher education, turned to the increasingly powerful criminal gangs to make enough money to make ends meet. Originally kept around as a status symbol, over the next three decades, she proved herself both capable and morally flexible, to the point that when her boss died, she rallied enough support to depose his young son. Since then, she's expanded the gang's operations, to assist in an end goal of restoring her legacy.

Roxanne had a fairly standard childhood, although her boisterous, thuggish nature made her a problem child. She barely passed schooling, after which she briefly worked in her family's mechanic shop. She used the money to gamble in underground fighting tournaments, through which she earned a reputation as a ferocious, arrogant fighter. Victoria's people scouted her, and she was employed as a bodyguard and bouncer. After one particularly hardcore after-shift drinking binge, she ran into Iza on the streets - despite Iza's wariness, the two became good friends, leading to Roxanne proposing to Victoria that she adopt Iza as an heir - Victoria isn't into men, and doesn't have the time to raise a child from birth. A young, impressionable street thief with no connections was an ideal candidate to educate on the maintenence of a criminal organisation.
Oh my dear sona started as my imaginary friend when I was tiny. I loved black dragons. He was the critter I envisioned running alongside the car parkouring his way over obstacles. He's evolved over the years, and rightfully went through a terrible Mary Stu period in my teens. Nowadays he's a bum, and maybe some day I'll make a formal story. He is not the main character, but I love him too dearly to abandon him. He is my avatar image.

Obviously, his history had to change from the painfully predictable teenage angst I created it to be years ago. The short of it, nowadays, is that there were dragons: lanky, feathered, massive beasts with long bodies, huge wings, two legs, long necks, and ornate horns... I guess you could say they were kinda like wyverns. Proud creatures. Some horny wizard decided he wanted to stick his dick in that, and made a horrible hybrid: a bipedal beast with two legs, arms, and wings. Because they were somewhat human, the queen of the land pitied them and "employed" them as slaves. True dragons were enemies banished to the southern deserts, but the hybrids were excellent guards. Centuries of carefully crafted history and manipulation resulted in a proud race of guardian-slaves, with their sole purpose to serve as the either Royal Guards or Soldiers... but even the proudest creatures weren't exempt from failure. Along came Nar, the reptilian equivalent of FAS, a runt without wings, a temper, and a penchant for anarchy. Now, true dragons spend their days basking in sunshine, imbibing in copious amounts of psychedelic substances, and waging war on humans. They are superstitious and ritualistic. When they sleep, they hide themselves with magic as vines, obsidian, gold, moss, brightly colored birds, butterflies - beautiful things - for days on end and converse with spirits and otherworldly affairs as they plot their uprising to dominance over humans. The Royal Guards and Soldiers sleep as either gold or granite, respectively, then there's Nar, who hides himself as an old pile of rotting oak leaves and wakes up with a hangover. He's probably got a few bastard children he doesn't know about, and he's the guy you preface as "he's a great guy once you get to know him."

Nar has no accomplishments. Nar has a human lover that does not love him back. Nar enjoys lattes and disappearing into forbidden realms to fight nasty monsters when he's done making a medley of poor choices. He's an unwilling hero. But I love him. Here is Nar (edited to add that this sentence is a link but it doesn't show it).


Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
Akki lives in a medieval-age world where anthro races live alongside humans and other fantasy races. His mother was the daughter of high-ranking members of her pack, but she was rebellious and had a "fling" with a dragon. The relationship was not a good one, though, and by the time she was able to escape, she was heavily pregnant. Afraid of what her parents and pack would think, she gave birth in the dead of winter and abandoned the mongrel offspring in a ditch near a human town, hoping he'd freeze to death there. She returned to her own pack and never spoke a word about her son.
Someone from the town discovered Akki there and took him home to care for him, naming him Kinguyakki after a local term for the auroras that could be seen overhead that time of year. The townspeople weren't sure what to do with him, though. They knew anthros could be civilized, but they'd never seen anything like him before. Some wanted to raise him as a man, others treated him like a beast. Even though he did learn some social skills and receive some education, eventually he was chained to the gatehouse at the town's entrance like a guard dog. He learned to enjoy intimidating others.
His mother learned that he was still alive and sent members of her pack to kill him. When the people from the town saw the wolves approaching the gate, they thought it was an attack on their home so they retaliated and a large fight broke out. Rather than stay to help them, Akki broke free and escaped into the wilderness.
He just sort of travels around, finds a place to settle for a while. Occasionally he takes jobs as a guard but he often moves on after a year or two. Usually, it's because he doesn't follow orders well and shows no respect for authority.
At one point he did fall in love with a beautiful wolf named Kimya, who never treated him like a mongrel or a monster. However, she was hunted and killed for sport by a prince from a nearby city. That set Akki on a war path until he finally killed the prince and took his skull as a prize. With no reason to stay in the area, he moved on again.
As he's grown, he's taken on more dragon-like traits, and due to his size and bulk he often moves on all fours. The fact he wears no clothing also contributes to the perception that he is a feral beast, and he has come to enjoy making people afraid of him.
Kinguyakki does have a good side, though. The few friends he makes, he is fiercely loyal to.