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What is the best feeling game?


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Ignoring level design, story, art direction, etc.
What video game just feels the best to play?

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In my experience, little feels better than winning a 1v1 fight in Mechwarrior Online.

Hades felt like an absolute masterpiece, be it rather frustrating at times.

Warframe feels great from hour 100 up until hour 2000 or so (haha!).

"What Remains of Edith Finch" just felt... beautiful to "play."
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League of Legends certainly gives me feelings. Whether of bloodlust when I'm 12/2 or keyboard smashing rage when I'm 0/7. :p

The original DS version of The World Ends With You is also extremely unique feeling, and it will give you the sad and happy feelz as well.

If you're looking for deep, introspective, and dark...Omori will throw you for a huge loop.


One game that stands out as a "feels" game for me is The Cat Lady. It's quite dark, so I wouldn't say it made me feel good, but it definitely made me feel.

I have no experience with happy feeling games, the only other games I could mention that did make me happy all did so for reasons OP said to ignore. x3 I get caught up a lot in just the environment of a game, I can get lost for hours just admiring it. Gives me a sense of peace I don't get a lot.

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Planetside 2 (except the Sanctuary map)

I have seen nothing better by far in terms of feeling both alive and pathetic at the same time. Alive because there's no single AI as human characters except AI weapons and installations' systems (everything you face are other people); pathetic because I can never be a 'hero' like common RPGs, feeling weak.

Also, the Sci-Fi mood with nowhere-to-call-home sorta isolation(if you get to know the lore), alongside the feels of myself being one of the whole just gives me odd feeling of mismatch yet these feelings somehow mold into each other.... I like this sorta odd harmony. UwU♡ Some say that this is called pervert

And, the strategical decision-making is crucial. Combined with the fact that the slightest carelessness may ruin your whole day (imagine a car comes out of nowhere and get inside the building just to run you over, that's common here), it really is uh... thrilling! And also highly rewarding when you make anything done! (Imagine you're driving your buggy and the trip ended peacefully, that's not a kind of situation you're 'allowed' to experience most of the time)
Yup, I'm talking about the feels you can get, might not be universal for everyone, though. People say this is pervert too

Ooh, isn't it familiar... It's the feel of... real life! (Always to stay vigilant, keep working hard and get ruined at random chances, or just don't give a cow!)
Except that it's never a real life, of course. Ow<☆

Just a tongue in cheek, if you think you're doing okay in real life, this game should be the same for you! Otherwise vise versa!
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World of Warcraft on when you play until the end credits.


Woof? Woof
Joking aside for now at least UwU, I would have to say Stellaris. Fun little game 4X grand strategy game, that one.


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Bujingai: The Forsaken City is a PS2 game that I just loved playing. There was a lot (as I remember) of fantastical things like wall running, jumping, stringing along attacks in such a way. I don't know, but that game really left an impression.

Infamous (the first one) for PS3 also had a lot of enjoyable movement mechanics that made for a really nice feeling game.


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Would any of you mind telling me why these games feel good?
Just curious.


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You asked us to ignore a lot of components that make up wonderful games so from my view, the reason the ones I listed were fun were because of the movement mechanics. Games where you can fly or jump excessively from building to building before crashing down to unleash a waves of attacks or to evade is something I find satisfying.
Another game I should add to this is Warframe. A lot of fun, movement and speedy attacks in there, too.

Now. If you don't ask me to ignore the other components........ There's a much different list. The games I consider real successes are the ones I think back on years later.

Far Cry 5 (specifically 5)
One of my absolute favorite games EVER. I just love the story, so much. It was so immersive and just really made me think. The graphics and the setting was gorgeous, so much so that should I ever need to move far, I may consider that part of the country. The music really fits and has also wormed its way into my heart; I would drive around in the vehicles in the game listening to the radio. Just.. Ugh. Love that game.
Again, a really interesting story. I loved the mix of the time period and technology with a big splash of horror. I cannot find fault with the game design, it was nicely paced and had a fantastic story. And again, setting had a lot to do with my enjoyment.
Kingdom Hearts
I mean... It's Kingdom Hearts. I know there will be people who dislike it with a passion but I've enjoyed the whole series greatly. My favorite is probably the first, perhaps because of nostalgia. Some games just hit you in the gut. This game had it all for me: story, art, sound / music, pacing, mechanics.
World of Warcraft
This one is tricky because I've played so long. I no longer can tell why I enjoy it so much. There's a lot to accomplish in there, so I keep going for that. And there is definitely nostalgia. But I have always just enjoyed sitting and existing in the world, even if I'm working on something on my other monitor.

I have a lot of other games I enjoy for various reasons but these are some of my very favorite that tick all the creative boxes for me.


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I acknowledge that game feel is not the only factor, but it is certainly the most important.
But, a game does not need to have excellent game feel to be amazing.
Ori and the Will of the Wisps' platforming is slow, but the game's amazing art direction makes up for it.
Terraria's feel is incredibly basic, but the progression system makes the game incredible.
A Hat in Time is a little clunky, but the charming world and story makes it worth the occasional slow moment.

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Super Mario 3D World, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, World Of Warcraft, etc.