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What is the best story you've ever read/heard/watched?

The best story I've ever read, was Yoshiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter.
A lot of people are drawn away from it because the anime starts off as a typical shonen BS the power of friendship can do anything story. But honestly once you start reading and or watching it you realize the true beauty of the story. Sadly I just cannot put into words how great it is overall, but I believe you should really watch or read it if you haven't. Even if you're not quite into anime, it still is pretty cool. :)

Personally, its made me really rethink my view on life as a whole. Just watching the anime caused me more joy then ANYTHING else in this world as have. I could even go as far as to say that I love the story itself more then my own family.

Other books I've really enjoyed include:
  • Call of the wild
  • Warriors
  • Survivors
  • The bronze bow
But still not as much as Hunter x Hunter. I myself will never know why this story even appealed to me, I didn't like anime when I first started it and I hardly remember why I even turned it on. Either way I'm happy I gave it a shot.


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There are several books that I've read, and two are ones that I enjoyed reading:

-Skulduggery Pleasant series. I do need to finish the whole series, 3 books to go, but it's a very interesting story and the way of writing, it's both very amusing and it's easy to read for me.
It's a mix of mystery and magic, set in Ireland. Magic is very real in these books, and the characters aren't your everyday people you'd see on the street. Involves some monsters too.

-Pet Sematary. This is going to be an odd one, but I really enjoyed reading it. It gave me the shivers, and I like things that are horror related. The book follows a family that recently moved into a new town, but their house is next to a busy road, and within the forest, there's a place that seems very mysterious. Both area's play a role to what'll happen. It's reading the whole story, to the beginning to the end, that was interesting, and you couldn't help but to feel bad for what's happening, as well as questioning the characters their actions. This book got me interested in reading all other books that Stephen King wrote.

Further, I have read some more books, but these two are mention worthy from how much I enjoyed them.
Currently reading Game of Thrones, and I haven't finished it, but so far it is more fun to read than to watch the serie ^^

Ra'ara Su'nai

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I don't read the works of others all that much, but I read the books in my head. I'm hoping to start a Patreon for my writing, but I can't make an intro video. My laptop has neither a working camera, nor microphone, and any mic I plug in, it won't recognize, and my phone screen cracked right over my selfie cam, so anything through there is super fuzzy, and the microphone is so poor, people can barely hear me in a phone call unless I hold the phone right up to my mouth. I thought of recording audio and using pictures for the video, but I can't draw to save my life.


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I think the best story I've ever read is Song of Myself by Walt Whitman.

Reading it feels like I'm being taken on a journey by some old god reborn and gone again - an American Odin yearning to show me what he's learned.

I don't know how to talk about it without doing it justice, I love it so much.

Oh but there is a section that reminds me of the start of ram ranch and the whole poem being homoerotic really doesn't help.

And "I contain multitudes" sounds a little more euphoric in the moment nowadays than it could have ever in the late 1800s.

Other than that, though: best story I've ever read. : P

Let's hope that hope lies in the proles... or in someone...

I recommend taking a look at the appendix: "Newspeak was the official language of Oceania."

Despite the nastiness of some of his actions and statements, the man believed that through action - actual action - a more democratic, economically equal world could be built despite any circumstances.

And while it might eventually happen later even under the worst realities, you can take action now.


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That's a hard question since I really can't put one down....

Because you have my favorite novel "No Longer Human" by Osamu Dazai. Which is a story that will strike you down to your core and leave you feeling hurt or depressed when it's all over.

Bojack Horse is also the best western animated show I have seen and that show has left me crying so much it's not funny. It's subtle. The characters are complex. The jokes usually hit their mark and the character development really works for me.

I also love the manga Tokyo Ghoul and it's sequel manga Tokyo Ghoul:Re.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater

Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Texhnolyze all amazing anime that are just perfect.

The list goes on because there have been so many great stories I have experienced and so I can't say one stands out in my mind more than any other,


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My favorite is Endlings. It's all amazing 2 book story. It's my favorite because it has a good story line and amazing details.


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Breaking Bad, it’s my all time favorite show. I’ve never been so hooked to the screen as I have been to this one, so many great characters with an absolutely fantastic and gripping story.


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I can't just pick one.

All of Neil Gaimans sandman run for comics.

All of Terry Pratchetts discworld series for books.


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My favorite story/book/novel is Whitley Strieber's shape-shifter novel The Wild. Rather than try to explain how much it has meant to me, it would be easier to visit the little web-page I devoted to it on my site: www.fantasyworldproject.com: "The Wild" by Whitley Strieber

And years after posting that, I wrote a sequel review on Goodreads: www.goodreads.com: Michael Winkle’s review of The Wild

Of course I wrote a review for it on Amazon. If it doesn't strike you as the most foaming-at-the-mouth fanboyish book review ever -- well, there's something wrong, because that was what I was aiming for. I'll write something about it on almost every forum/book review site/FaceBook page that seems appropriate. I wish I promoted my own books this much!

Shahf the Wolfo

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To be honest Animal Farm. When I read it I was still a pre-teen and it really gave me something to think about. Made me start reading more than the teen fiction I was reading at the time like Cherub and Percy Jackson.


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Another book that will make you think is Lord of the Flies.

A really good movie made from a story is called Holes. Ecerything in the movie comes back around and ties in. It's what I call a "tight" movie that has no loose ends. It is a good example of not having anything extraneous in your writing.

Shahf the Wolfo

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Another book that will make you think is Lord of the Flies.

A really good movie made from a story is called Holes. Ecerything in the movie comes back around and ties in. It's what I call a "tight" movie that has no loose ends. It is a good example of not having anything extraneous in your writing.

I recall reading that in English class XD Movie was okay as well, weird seeing young Shia.