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What is the most confusing thing youve ever seen?

Bipolar Bear

Phallus Fellater
While I was heading back from my Screen & Media class, a woman (possibly a student teacher) was carrying around a massive pile of books with one hand, and was holding an empty bag with her other hand.

That very image plagued my mind for the rest of the day. \(o_O)/


Math, because I'm a retard and numbers confuse the hell out of me. That's Furry related surely?

Like e621, there's always something there that catches me out completely.


Buy the ticket, take the ride
I was leaving a rave in Atlanta and couldn't figure out which way my hotel was. Stopped to ask a couple cops for directions and he said "go down two streets, make a left and hell I don't know, I'm fuckin twisted!"


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My now former French teacher doing a mock strip-tease to the Full Monty themesong, to reveal a pair of heart-decorated white swimming trunks, for a play put on for us by the teachers. This was about... 8/9 years ago and the mental image is still strong.

Echo Wolf

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The one that comes to mind for me is probably the extremely masculine transvestite who dresses up like Britney Spears and walks up and down the highway near were I live. I was at a red light the first time I saw him I almost shit bricks laughing, he was wearing a tube top, a boa and a blond wig. I knew about him before this because my sister who works in that area had told me about him so I had been curious to see if what she said was true; I can safely say I wasn't disappointed. Apparently he's out there a lot and has caused a few car accidents which he takes pride in doing.


drunken pirate
most confusing thing I've ever seen?

this place :V


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Well actually the most confusing thing I've ever experienced, I am living with at the moment. I live in a house with 7 other furries, my mate included, and we have this room mate. She is a furry that says she isn't a furry that hates furries but has like 4 fursuits, barks at people, thinks shes a wolf in a humans body and has a fursona....but say she isn't a furry.

8I All in all, she has identity issues, since she switches back and further between her "female" [herm] fursona Kira and her male fursona Kiba. x_x;;

I mean there are sometimes that I feel I am not human but only because I really dislike some people's attitudes towards others. :I

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.


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Other furries. Yep, that's the truth. Other furries, especially the females.

Why do females confuse you?
I always strive to have everyone understand me. D:


Usually girls do the opposite and play games to try to get you to guess what they are thinking.

That's one of the things that frustrated me and led me to date only guys ;3

Girls are always playing love games. Bitches be crazy.


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I was driving at night through Salt Lake City. There was work zone and the far right lane was closed. Well, this girl had managed to navigate her way through the orange barrels and onto the closed lane. Now, I'm a truck driver and I'm trying to exit the interstate so I can continue my route. As soon as I had turned on my turn signal this girl puts her car into reverse and starts backing up. She hits a barrel, keeps going and almost drives into my rig as I'm exiting. I blow my air horn and flash my lights at her in warning, she stops her car and starts making obscene gestures at me and screaming as if I'm in the wrong.

I just don't get it. I could go on and on about all the confusing and stupid things people do on the road.



It'd have to be a weird homeless guy who'd spend all his time talking to graffiti. I'd sit by him at lunch and listen to all his old stories about the time he was able to control traffic signals, manipulate time and take over the thoughts of an ant.

I should probably retell some of the adventures he has been on at some point in time to have his legacy live on.


Two guys behind me at a football game were talking about two separate occasions where they thought they were going blind. Turns out, they were just so high that they didn't realize they were just closing their eyes.

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Okay, not something I observed but rather heard one night. True story, too. I'll swear that out on a stack of 1F-4D-2-19 Tech orders for a Phantom II fighter aircraft.

Nellis AFB, Nevada, 474th TFW, 430th AGS, Graveyard shift, middle of the week, about two am or thereabouts. since I'm the d00d with the most stripes, I'm in charge of my section that night, sitting the desk, bored out of my skull.

The two-way radio crackles to life with this voice, sort of a SoCal stoner voice; "Man, I'm fucked up!" About fifteen minutes later, that same voice, not one of my guys; "Man I'm all fucked up!" This guy sounds stoned big time, like he's been smoking a few big, fat ones. About ten minutes later; "Man, I'm ALL fucked up!"

Well, the radio then chimes in with this other voice, the Captain in charge of job control on grave shift. "Airman, this is Captain So-And-So from Job Control! Give me your name, your rank, the unit you're attached to and your location!"

The radio is silent for a few moments, then SoCal Stoner replies, "Man, I'm not that fucked up!"

I laughed until my ribs hurt. True story.


Lady of the lake
Physical chemistry. Just... WHAT DX