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What is the most expensive thing, that you want to get someday?


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I had an urge to start this post mostly due to my mind wandering, but I want to know what people's most expensive dream item, artwork, or piece of media is! Even if it isn't obtainable, like say something that hasn't been found in hundreds of years or a rare game cartridge! I really wanna hear it!

My personal one is, a figurine. But not one pre-made, and for sale, I want to commission someday a 3D model of Eddie Gluskin from the horror game Outlast: Whitleblower. Then I want to have an artist print and paint it, and have it, as I have recently begun to really amass my collection of figurines! I love horror in all it's many forms, and Outlast is a top three game of mine!

I even have the pose in mind already, and because I made this forum purely to gush, I am going to go off on my tangent.
Eddie Gluskin is a man who's obsessed with getting married, and goes a bit gruesome with it, and I won't put the details here, but I want him to be holding a corpse. Arm around it's waist, with the body falling backwards, as he leans over it. Knife in hand, with blood dripping from said weapon, down onto a uniform with the protagonists' Inmate number on it, to imply that's who the corpse is. The dress of course would look like the one you see running from him.

I know this project will be rather expensive, but the idea of having it one day is amazing, if I really am gonna spend that much I want to get a custom case as well to protect it. I think I want it to be rather tall, maybe under 12 inches or boardering that line? I'll have to make sure to do my research on it, so I don't request something far too fragile to be possible.


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A house and a Pontiac GTA 1987. All are within reach, just need a couple of years of saving up for it.


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I would say a house but I also want to get a masters and that will probably be more expensive than a house given I am okay with a smaller and more humble dwelling space.

I imagine when I get older and start losing teeth I will desire implants and veneers which cost a ton as well. If my heart doesn't kill me before I reach that age.

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A dinosaur


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I wanna restore a 1966 Lincoln Continental with a lot of modern flair. Perhaps a star ceiling, and the chrome detailing has magenta underglow. And I will use it to buy groceries.
Of course, before I get that, I need to buy my own home as pretty much all rental places don't take kindly to car restoration. And before that, I need to get a decent job. I've accepted that it'll probably be a fantasy as by the time I have everything else sorted, I'll probably be too old to have any passion or drive for these kinds of things.
Maybe a GTX3080? That's also up there but that's a lot closer to reality.


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A big house with a swimming pool and a 5 car garage, on top of a hill somewhere expensive and private.

And a red diamond because why not.


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A cottage in the woods by some mountains for me and my future dog(s). That's all I could ever ask for! I painted my vision a while ago so I could really strive for it.


Tom Hiddleston. He's an adorable piece of shit.

I wish I was that leopard cub.


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i want to have a room filled with vintage arcade cabinets, despite being a 2000's kid. each on average going anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 or more.

i grew up with lots of older games as a kid due to my siblings hogging all the newer consoles. therefore i've developed an affinity for them. a lot of my favorite games were arcade collections, such as midway treasures and namco museum. i've always had an intense interest in collecting things growing up, and as a kid i've had plenty of niche dream collections on my mind for years. one of the biggest being of course - vintage arcade cabinets.

other than my sentimental attachment to arcade games, i've always loved the arcade aesthetic and i think that by the time (if that time comes) that i am ever financially stable enough to begin my collections, that it would be cool to have a room dedicated to simulating said arcade aesthetic with my most favorites machines, the wallpaper, carpet, dim colored lights and neon-lit marquees.


I suppose I'm fairly lucky in that not much that's expensive really appeals to me. At the end of the day I want my health more than anything and if I had to I'd draw on scraps of paper with pens I pick up off the sidewalk.

Of course, depending where you live, your health could be pretty expensive.


A VR headset so I can enjoy and be immersed in sims much better.
I also really wanna get into Warhammer 40k, which is altogether a very expensive hobby.

But... on a more serious note, since my whole life it's always balancing out the things that I would LIKE to have vs the things that I need;
My very own small apartment. I'm nearly 30 years old and still struggling financially, so yeah, an apartment to call my own is this expensive thing that I would like to have (despite it perhaps seeming like something small and mundane to most).